5 websites to buy books at a good price

5 websites to buy books at a good price

Buying books online is something more and more common and simple. It may not have the same charm as getting lost on the shelves of a bookstore to find a book that we like, but it allows us to access a vast catalog and buy quickly , without leaving home.

We are going to show you five websites that offer the user the possibility of finding and buying very cheap books , sometimes second-hand, and other times new. No more carrying the books bought home. Now we just have to wait for the delivery man to knock on the door.


amazon logo

It may seem strange that our first recommendation is that of a store as generalist as Amazon. However, its catalog of books is impressive , and offers the most varied options for all types of users.

For one thing, the chances of finding a book on Amazon are huge. Whether we are interested in the version translated into Spanish or the original, it is very difficult that it is not on this website . In addition, apart from offering us the first-hand version, in hardcover (more expensive) or in softcover (cheaper), we will be able to access a selection of second-hand offers of that book.

In that case, we are no longer buying directly from Amazon, but from bookstores that sell from this website . The guarantee and return conditions remain those of Amazon, only the product is not shipped from their ships. When buying second hand, we will be able to know the state of the book (more or less used), and the name and the valuation of the store that sells in each case. It is a way to access cheaper versions, or to get hold of editions that are out of print or that are foreign.

Besides, it is important to remember that, if you are Prime customers, you will have the possibility of receiving many of the books without shipping costs and in 24 hours , a detail to be taken into account by the impatient. Finally, you should know that the payment method accepted in Amazon is through credit card.


abebooks logo

We now turn to a website that is specialized. Iberlibro is a pioneer portal for years that helps us find and buy books in bookstores throughout Spain . It is especially useful when we are looking for specific books and we do not want to spend our time looking in different bookstores.

When doing a book search, we can filter whether we want hardcover, softcover, first-hand or second-hand books. We can also filter by those bookstores that offer free orders,  or that are close to where we live.

If we find what we want, we make the purchase directly from the web and AbeBooks already takes care that the bookstore sends the book to our house. In that case, the only accepted form of payment is by credit card . Another option is to contact the seller directly, and reach an agreement to carry out the transaction in another way, or even pick up the book at the bookstore, if we have it on hand.

The book house

the book house logo

The website of La Casa del Libro is quite complete, and allows us to access more content apart from what is available in physical stores. On the one hand, we have the complete catalog at hand, without worrying about the stock in each store.

Besides, if we are looking for something cheap, there is a section called Promotional books that allows us to buy books at really low prices, between 5 and 10 euros . There are also other offers of specialized books, such as art or photography, where the prices are not so low, but they are still a reduction compared to the original price.

There is also a second-hand book section in which other sellers use the La Casa del Libro website to sell their stocks. Here we can find a section of cheaper books that lives up to its name: old editions at 10, 20 cents .

Regarding the forms of payment, La Casa del Libro accepts credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and even cash on delivery .


Relibrea is a website quite similar to what Iberlibro was in its beginnings. It includes a search engine to be able to find second-hand books, but that we can also filter so that it is limited to stores around us. Thus, if we want, we have the option of reserving the book and then visiting the store and checking the status of the copy. Of course, we cannot buy the book directly from this website.

Apart from bookstores, we can also sell our books  in Relibrea. We put an ad with the photo and the price of the book, we offer a way to contact, and we become part of the catalog. Precisely, a good catalog fund is what we miss the most from this website. There are not as many books at our disposal as we would like.


fnac logo

We end up with the Fnac website, another company that takes advantage of its large surface area to offer, in some cases, discounted books . If we do not want to go specifically to each store to find out what they are, we can consult it directly from a specific section of its website.

In this section, we can buy books with a 5% discount. There is quite a variety of titles and with quite affordable prices, between 5 and 20 euros . As they vary, the ideal is to consult these books on sale on a regular basis, to see if we find any cheap that attracts us.

Regarding the means of payment, Fnac admits many options: PayPal, credit card, cash on delivery, gift voucher and bank transfer .

With this selection, you have a wide variety of options at hand. You can choose whether you want to buy online or if you want to locate the places to buy and buy it on the spot. They can be first or second hand books , and if you are looking for the cheapest, with prices that do not reach the euro.

Eaters of pages, you no longer have an excuse: wherever you live, whatever your budget , buying books is as easy as standing in front of your computer for a few minutes and waiting for our package to arrive.