Have you deleted a file by mistake? Get it back with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Have you deleted a file by mistake? Recover it with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

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If you have been using computers for a long time, it is very possible that at some point you have suffered a data loss. A hard drive can suffer data loss from a large number of causes, such as sudden shutdowns, mechanical failures, viruses, and even accidental deletions from us. However, not all data losses are irreparable. Luckily we have programs on the market like the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, an efficient and easy-to-use file recovery software so that any user can recover those files that have disappeared by accident.

What is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a powerful data recovery software for Windows and Mac. It is a useful tool that will allow us to recover information lost in various situations , such as formatting, virus attack, accidental file deletion, sudden system crash or unexpected shutdown.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard we can recover all types of files , such as documents, images, videos, audio, emails and much more. In addition, we can do it from any storage device that we use, whether they are internal hard drives or external USB memories.

A very easy to use application

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software main screen

You may think that data recovery is a complex task and requires a lot of computer skills. And sometimes this is the case, but many times we can recover the data ourselves quickly and easily .

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard the recovery of deleted data can be done in just three steps : scan, choose the files and recover.

Upon entering the program we will see the hard drives or storage units that we have on the computer. We select the drive that contained the deleted file and click on Scan.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software detected files

Once the scan is done, the program will show us the deleted files that it has located. We select the file or files that we wanted to recover and click on the Recover button.

A new window will appear where we must choose the path where we want to save the recovered data. It is advisable to save the recovered data on an external drive or on a different hard drive , as this will avoid a possible overwriting of the data.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software recovered files

When we select the destination path, the data recovery will begin. Sometimes we must be patient, since if we want to recover many files or very large files it will take a while.

Once the recovery is complete, we will have our data available on the disk or memory that we have selected.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Versions and Prices

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software is available in various versions. We have a free version with which we can recover up to a maximum of 2 GB .

If we need to recover files larger than 2 GB, or a set of files that exceed this amount of data, we will have to opt for the Pro version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software versions

With Data Recovery Wizard Pro we will get a license for a computer with which we can recover unlimited data . Additionally, one-to-one remote recovery assistance is also provided with this release. The price of the license is 96.70 euros for one year or 146.70 euros for a lifetime .

Finally, if we are going to need to use the application on multiple computers, we will need the Technician version . This is designed for a more professional use, so its price is higher. We can buy the license for one year and multiple computers for a price of 280 euros . We also have the same license for two years for 370 euros. And if we want updates for life we ​​will have to pay 460 euros.

Having a software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will allow us to recover our deleted files in a simple and fast way .