How to download stickers and send them from WhatsApp Web

How to download stickers and send them from WhatsApp Web

As you all know, the so-called stickers, or stickers, were introduced among the latest WhatsApp updates. A quite fun function to share with your contacts and that has been very well accepted by users. In fact, there are developers who have already launched their own apps to create custom stickers.

These WhatsApp stickers / stickers are very similar and work practically the same as those that we can find in other messaging applications, such as Telegram. In the case of the web version of WhatsApp, the same happens, although with certain caveats. We cannot search for new stickers , but we have to add them from the mobile to be able to select them from the web version of the app. Next, we tell you how.


Download stickers

First of all, is to start writing a message. Click on the smiley face icon and we will see three icons at the bottom. The one that we see located on the right side, which looks like a kind of folded sticker , is the one that gives us access to the gallery of stickers that we have.


From the mobile version, in addition to previewing the stickers, we have a plus sign that allows us to add new collections of stickers , selecting them from a different menu. From here, we simply have to download the sticker pack that we like the most. There are loads to choose from.

Access WhatsApp Web

Once we have the sticker pack under our belt, we will have to access the web version of the application . To do this, and simultaneously, we must access the web version and the app on our mobile.

mobile whatsapp

From the app, in the start menu where all the conversations appear, click on the 3 vertical dots and select WhatsApp Web. Finally, you will have to read the QR code that appears on the web from your mobile and you will be inside.

As soon as you start composing a new message, you will see that the stickers will appear in the same way as they do in their mobile version . We just have to choose the one we want to share with our contact and that's it. It does not involve any complications.