How to return something on Amazon without being charged for shipping

How to return something on Amazon without being charged for shipping

Amazon has one of the most convenient returns processes. Above all, in those products sent and managed by the company itself. We can return the item in a couple of clicks, and in many cases without having to print the label.

If you have wanted to return an item because you did not like it or it no longer served you, surely you have noticed that they charge you some return costs, which are usually around 3 euros for returns at collection points, or up to 5 euros if they come to look for the package at home. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid being charged for shipping when returning something on Amazon .

Warning: This trick does not work for all products, as some of the products found on Amazon are operated by third-party sellers, and not by Amazon itself. You can follow the steps to check if your order supports the return method we mentioned. 

Why am I being charged 3 or 5 euros when I return a product? For the reason for the return. Returns are free when there is a problem with the product. For example, it is damaged, not working or not what you asked for. If you return the product because you no longer want it or for some other reason that has nothing to do with the product, they will refund the amount, but they will subtract the cost of the return.

To avoid being charged for the return on Amazon, follow these steps.


The options that Amazon gives you when returning a product.

First, go to Amazon from the app or browser. Click on 'My orders' and find the product you want to return. Select 'Return Products'. In the reason for the return, you must select one of these options.

  • Improper performance or quality
  • Incompatible or inappropriate
  • The product is damaged, but the packaging is fine
  • Came too late
  • Missing parts or accessories
  • The product and the outer packaging are damaged
  • It is not the product I ordered
  • Faulty / not working well
  • I have received more products than the orders
  • Unauthorized purchase
  • The product or manual is not in Spanish
  • It does not correspond to the description on the web

What can happen if you select one of these reasons? That, for example, they ask you what part of the product you are missing so that they can send it to you. Or, that they change the product if or it is the one you asked for.

Do not select the reasons at random

If none of these reasons are related to the return, it is best to select 'Incompatible or inappropriate' . Since in other options it is possible that the seller will contact you to solve the problem. In the event that they still contact you, you can give them your honest opinion. For example, I returned a case for my mobile because it did not protect the sides very well and I put that in the reason for the return.

Then, click on 'Continue' and select where you want the refund to be made: in the balance of your Amazon account or on the card with which you paid.

Finally, choose the return method that best suits you. For example, home collection, or take it to a Celeritas or Correos point without having to print the label. You will see that any of the options is free.

These are the reasons why they do charge you for the return:

  • Bought by mistake
  • I have found it cheaper
  • I do not love you anymore

Returns for this reason have a price of 3 euros for the option of delivery at a collection point or 5 euros if they have to come and collect it from your home. In the event that you want to make a change because the product is damaged, you will not have to pay any cost.