How the warranty and repairs work on Amazon

How the warranty and repairs work on Amazon

Amazon distinguishes itself by having a very competitive customer service. It is fast, efficient and solves our doubts without having to go through many filters. To this must be added a very well structured guarantee period in which, as it should be in any ecommerce site, the user always comes out favored. Surely you have ever bought on Amazon, although perhaps you have not yet had to return anything. You may not have had to send something in for repair either, once the warranty period has passed. In this case, it is normal for you to have some doubts. Today we are going to try to solve them. This is how the warranty and repairs work on Amazon.

Returns and warranty

Imagine that you have bought any of the products on Amazon and once it arrives at your home it is not what you expected. It does not attract your attention or in the end you prefer another model. Nothing happens. As in any physical or ecommerce establishment, you have a return period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the product. Logically, it has to be returned in the same state in which you received it. This means that if it is a new item it must be returned complete and unused. If you have purchased a second-hand one, it cannot show any additional damage or signs of use.

Unlike some time ago, that a digital product could be returned as long as we had not reproduced it, now if we remove it from the packaging we will not be entitled to a return. In the case of electronics, for example, it is not necessary that the product be with the original seal. In any case, let's see below different types of products and what are the conditions that we will need so that Amazon ends up returning the amount we pay for them.

  • Electronics (TV, Audio, Video, IT, GPS, tablets, Telephony, etc): Original condition and with all accessories
  • Music and videos: Unopened and with all seals
  • Software and Videogames: Unopened and with all seals
  • Clothes or shoes: Original condition and with all labels and packaging
  • Sexual and erotic products: Unopened and with all seals
  • Other products: Original condition and with all accessories.

If you receive a product that has been damaged during shipping, you can return it within a month from the date you received it. You can visit the company's online returns center for all returns cases and print a personalized label. You will have to print this label and stick it on the package that you are going to return. Amazon covers all shipping costs. You will only have to go to a post office and deliver the package. Usually the money is usually returned to your bank account before you have even gone to take the package to the Post Office. You already know that you have a period of one month, otherwise Amazon will claim that money from you.

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External sellers

Everything is very simple when you have to deal directly with Amazon, but what happens if it was purchased through a third-party seller? Normally everything is usually very cordial and there is no reason to have any kind of problem, as long as everything is delivered correctly. However, sometimes we have to face disputes with a seller who does not respond as we would like. In this case, Amazon is obliged to mediate between the supplier and the customer.At this point, it is necessary to know that Amazon does not pay the seller until a reasonable time has passed (it can take three months in some cases). This is done so that the company does not have to be responsible for any financial charge. In this way, in the event that the seller disappears, the customer will have a guarantee. In this case, Amazon will deliver the money to the customer, who can also keep the product.

Any type of claim with an external seller will have to be initiated within the first 90 days of receipt of the product. After that time we will lose any rights. In case of agreeing a refund, the shipment of the defective product will have to be sent to the supplier during the first 14 days.Also, all products sold through third-party vendors have a two-year warranty. If the product you have received has nothing to do with what was listed in the description or is even broken, the seller will have to offer the repair option for free (including return costs). Also the replacement or refund of the item in question. However, after the first half year from delivery of the product, the seller will probably need proof that it is a manufacturing defect and not a misuse or accident.

Amazon repairs

What do I have to do to repair a product on Amazon?

It is possible that after a while you bought something on Amazon it will start to fail. While the item is under warranty (two years) you don't have to have any kind of problem. Amazon will bear all costs. Both the shipment and the arrangement. The first thing you have to do is create a repair tag. Once the product reaches the relevant center, you will receive an email confirming it. The Amazon technical service will analyze everything to find the fault.

If the defect is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, they will repair it there and then send it to you free of charge. As a general rule, repairs usually take about 10 business days, although in some cases they may take a little longer. If the product is under warranty but cannot be repaired, Amazon will make a replacement . In the event that it is no longer available, they will give you a refund for the full amount that it cost you at the time.

And what if I no longer have a warranty? The Amazon repair center will give you a quote. Once you know it, you can decide whether to fix it there, or to have it returned to your home without repairing it totally free. Keep in mind that you are working with Amazon at all times. You will not have to contact any dealer in your city. Just create your repair label in the link that we added above, send your package with the defective item to Amazon (free) and wait for it to contact you.