Checking for new messages, how to fix this WhatsApp problem

Checking for new messages, how to fix this WhatsApp problem

If you are a WhatsApp user, it is very likely that on some occasion you have seen a message on the task bar of your smartphone showing the message "You may have new messages." We explain what this WhatsApp problem consists of, and how you can solve it very easily.

What this WhatsApp error message means

The message "You may have new messages" is designed to appear when our mobile does not have a good Internet connection , although unfortunately it can also appear in other cases, leading to confusion for users.

WhatsApp is an application that is designed to try to stay connected to the Internet all the time, whether you are using data or a Wi-Fi network with your mobile. There will be times when the Internet connection is too slow, which will lead WhatsApp to display this error message.

In these cases, WhatsApp will not use the network, so you will have to wait for your smartphone to have a higher quality connection, so that the application can send and receive messages.

However, there are some situations that can lead WhatsApp to believe that the Internet connection is not of sufficient quality , when in fact it is. In these cases, the application will show the same error message, and its behavior will be exactly the same as that described in the previous paragraph.

Activate Android data sync

Activate data sync

The Android operating system has a function that allows us to deactivate the master synchronization of all accounts and applications. This means that our smartphone will not allow the different applications that we have installed to synchronize data with the cloud.

Of course WhatsApp is no exception, and it will also be affected by this configuration option . Therefore, if you have disabled the master data sync on your Android phone, WhatsApp will show you this error message and will not send or receive any messages.

Fixing this is as simple as re-enabling automatic syncing from the Android settings tool. You can access it very easily from the " Settings " menu and then tapping on " Accounts ".

Turn off data saving

Saving data is another feature that we find within the Android operating system, and that can negatively affect the operation of the WhatsApp application .

Saving data is something that can come in handy if we have a very limited data plan, although unfortunately it can cause the applications that we have installed on our mobile, including of course WhatsApp, to stop working correctly.

Therefore, if WhatsApp continues to show you the message "I may have new messages", you should try to disable data saving to try to solve it.

For me, you should normally access the " Settings " menu on your mobile. Once inside you have to access " Connections "> " Data usage "> " Data saving ", and uncheck this option or add WhatsApp as an exception.

disable data saving 1disable data saving 2

Turn off low-flow network use (iOS)

This option is only found within the iOS operating system, so it will only need to be verified by users of an iPhone. The first thing you need to do is access the configuration application of your iPhone. Once inside, look for options " data or connections configuration ", then look for the option " data usage ", and select " establish secure connection .

With this, you will make your iPhone try to access the network only when it has a sufficiently stable and fast connection, preventing WhatsApp from showing you this annoying error message.

Prioritize the use of WiFi networks

This WhatsApp problem tends to appear much more frequently when the user is using data to access the Internet. For this reason, we recommend that you prioritize the use of Wi-Fi technology if you usually receive this message.

Mobile data connections have evolved a lot, thanks to the arrival of 4G, but they are still quite far in both speed and stability, from what can be achieved with a good Wi-Fi connection.

Open WhatsApp and wait a few seconds

It is likely that you have received this error message, because WhatsApp has a problem accessing the Internet, which you can solve in a very simple way just by opening the application.

What you can do in these cases is open the WhatsApp application, and wait a few seconds to see if it is able to send and receive messages normally.

Turn airplane mode on and off

use airplane mode

Another fairly quick way to solve this problem in many cases, is to activate and deactivate the airplane mode of your mobile. By doing this you will get the Internet connection to regenerate , which can solve some of the problems that WhatsApp has to access the data it needs.

Restart the mobile

restart the mobile

In the world of technology, there is a rule that rebooting devices can solve 80% of problems , and this WhatsApp error message is no exception.

Update WhatsApp

update whatsapp

Keeping the applications updated is very important, since the developers are in charge of patching the errors that are found in the code. You can update WhatsApp in a very simple way from Google Play and the App Store.

Force close WhatsApp

Force close WhatsApp

The last trick that we propose is to force the closure of WhatsApp so that the application reloads from scratch in its entirety. You can do it in a very simple way from the " Applications " section , which you will find within the "Android" settings menu.

Just click the force stop button, and then reopen the app normally.

Here ends our post on the best tricks to solve the error "You may have new messages" of WhatsApp, we hope you find it useful.