How to request, change or cancel a doctor's appointment in Madrid online

How to request, change or cancel a doctor's appointment in Madrid online

If you are a citizen of Madrid and you have all your health papers in order, you have to know that there are several ways to make an appointment with your Social Security doctor over the Internet . It is a simple and guided process, and you can take advantage of it both through the web and through the specific application for mobile phones. So you do not need to call or go to the health center on duty to carry out this procedure. You can do it anytime and from anywhere. These are the steps.

Through the Internet on a computer

It is possible to use a computer or your mobile or tablet to make a health appointment with the family doctor or nurse at the assigned health center. Or even to do it with the specialist if it is the case. All you need is to have your Madrid health card at hand to be able to use the access data to the system and choose the date and time.

Madrid community health appointment

The first thing to do is enter the website of the Community of Madrid Health Appointment . You can do it by clicking on this same link.

Then you have to choose if you want an appointment in primary care (general practitioner, pediatrician, nurse), or an appointment with the specialist . Keep in mind that, for this second option, we need the general practitioner's flyer.

health appointment

In either case, the system is the same. We click on the chosen one and we get to the appointment access screen . Here we need the data of our health card. Specifically, you need:

  • Autonomous personal identification code (10-digit code at the top of the card)
  • Date of birth
  • DNI (with letter)

medical Center

With this we will be within the system. In case of having a flyer for a specialist doctor, there is only one more previous step. You need to enter the steering wheel identifier number . In this way, the system takes us directly to the agenda of said specialist to be able to choose the free date and time that suits us best. In case of choosing the primary care option, there is one step left: choosing family medicine / pediatrics, or nursing care.

Our information and the corresponding doctor or nurse appear automatically, as well as the information of our assigned medical center. If everything is correct, click on the Request an appointment button .


With this we come to the calendar, where we can navigate through the different appointments according to the day and time. You just have to click on each section and choose what suits you. You must also complete the information with the phone number, if it does not appear automatically. Pressing the Search button shows the free appointments closest to the chosen date and time, and we choose the one that interests us.


Once the appointment is chosen, we review the data and confirm the action . This is established. If we wish, we can send us an email to remember data such as the date and time through an email.

confirm appointment

Change or cancel an appointment

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, you can do it through the same system. Access it from the Health Appointment link and choose primary or specialized care. Then access the system with your health card details to check the pending appointments you have scheduled.

At the bottom of this screen appears the option Change / Cancel appointment . By clicking on the button we can see a list of our available appointments together with two buttons: one to change and the other to cancel.

change appointment

With the change button we can repeat the process of searching for an appointment with respect to a specific date and time. So we can search again and choose another day or another date that interests us more .

confirm appointment

With the Cancel button we cancel the appointment . Of course, the process requires double confirmation when clicking on the button again, which now says: Confirm cancellation of appointment. And ready.

appointment canceled

From the phone

The Madrid Health Appointment service has its own free application . Both for Android phones and iPhone. You can download it through the Google Play Store or through the App Store, depending on your mobile platform.

All you need is to access the system as it happens on the computer. That is, using the data from your health card. You will have to enter the autonomous personal identification code, the date of birth and the ID. The good thing is that you can indicate that the application remembers these data so that you do not have to enter them every time you use the application.

health appointment from mobile

From this moment you already have access to the Health Appointment service. All you have to do is press the Make an appointment button and choose whether you want an appointment with your family doctor, a nursing professional or a specialist doctor.

The approach in the application is simpler, with which the appointments available closest to the current moment already appear. But, if we wish, we can change the day and time with the button on the bottom right.

choose appointment from mobile

Once we have found the appointment that interests us, click on it and confirm it . And ready.

One point in favor of using the mobile application is that it has some extra point. Once the appointment is confirmed, we can change or cancel it from the same screen thanks to the buttons at the bottom of the screen. So if we make a mistake or cannot attend, we just have to access the system and use these buttons. There is also the option to save the appointment in the phone's agenda. When we press this button we only have to choose in which mobile calendar application to save the appointment. Thus, in addition, we can choose a reminder or alarm to avoid forgetting it.

health appointment alarm

If you need any additional help, the application has two buttons always visible in the upper right corner of the screen . From here you can consult the process to request an appointment, as well as the legal information about the treatment of your data in this application.

Remember that it is possible to request several appointments with different doctors and specialists . All of them are reflected on the main screen of the application as soon as you access it. From here you can review, change or cancel them as needed.