5 websites to download beautiful images for free

5 websites to download beautiful images for free

If we have a blog or a web page, we usually face the problem of the rights of the photos that we use in them. When we write a post, we like to illustrate it with some pretty images that will add luster and appeal to readers. But we can't put the one we want. Behind a photograph is the work of a person who, like anyone else, has basic needs to cover. And she usually covers them with her work, that is, photography. Although there are authors who allow their work to be shared, they must be recognized within the article. And there are even times when the photograph in question cannot be embedded if the entry is for commercial purposes.

If we want to use a photograph and we do not want to cite the author, or our purpose is commercial, there are pages on the Internet that allow it. Downloading beautiful royalty-free images is not difficult and there are several alternatives for it. Of course, don't expect creative bragging or style exercises to be amazed. Keep in mind that it is a job that is offered completely free. If you want more quality, you will have to go through the checkout. Or make the pretty pictures yourself.

Here are 5 websites to download beautiful images for free.


One of the most complete options that we can see on the Internet to access royalty-free images. The images you can find on Pixabay are free. And not only free: you can take whatever you want, without crediting and for commercial purposes. A luxury. In Pixabay, in addition to images, you can search for vectors and videos. And not only that. We will also have access to illustrations, filtering all results by orientation, category, size or main color.

pixabay tiger

Once you have chosen the desired image or illustration, you can download it in several different sizes. So you can choose the one that best suits your website. Also, if you want to browse and look for inspiration among the best images , you can access the selection that the editors of the page make, choosing the best images on the page. We leave you below with a selection of beautiful images on Pixabay.

If you register for free , you can download higher resolution images without captcha. Pixabay is a page to download beautiful images that will save you more than one article and will give quality to your website or blog.

Public Domain Archive

In Publicdomainarchive you will find every week hundreds of new images of high quality and totally free, royalty free and without the need to cite the author. As always, you will be able to find the images categorized by subject, the new photos that appear week by week and the possibility of creating a premium account. With this account, we will be able to download without limits and in high resolution all the photos that the web uploads every month. Some of the photographs, inside, houses a package with similar photographs. With the free account we can only download the sample photo. Enough for any user-level work on the web.

public domain archives

In the free account we cannot choose the resolution at which we download the photo. However, in the download test we have done, the resolution is much more than enough to be able to use the web without having to pay a penny . As a sample, here we leave you with a gallery of beautiful images that you can download and use as you want.


If you like vintage, old fashioned, old fashions, Viintage this is your page. Here you can find beautiful royalty-free images, posters, paintings, advertisements and vintage photographs to decorate your articles and websites. The only problem with this website is that, being real old images, sometimes the size can be a bit tight. But nothing like browsing among the thousands and thousands of images that populate this complete web to realize that there is more crumb than it seems.

viintage examples

A trip to the past that will connect with your most nostalgic self. When you open the web, immediately go to the 'Free Download Photos' section. Here you will find a mosaic with image collection covers. There is everything. From tourist pictures of Los Angeles to baseball cards, to French cutouts from bygone eras. A whole time machine, whose images you can use freely without citing the author.


Pexels is a website that stands out, primarily, for the beauty of its captures. It seems unthinkable that such professional photographs could be at our fingertips, without the need to accredit the author and for commercial purposes. At the top right of the page you have a browse button to browse selected images, the most viewed images, by primary colors, etc.

5 websites to download beautiful images for free 1

To download any image, select it on the same website and press the 'Free download' button . If you press, another window will open with the actual size of the image. At that moment, you can download it by clicking the right mouse button and selecting 'Save image as'. If we click on the arrow right next to the download poster, we can select the size and even download it in custom size.


And we end our walk with a page similar in quality to Pexels. In MMT you can also download any photo without the need to credit. The images are of a high quality, encompassing quite a few topics. You can search for photos by categories or collections. To download any image, click on it so that it appears in original resolution and click the right mouse button. Then 'Save As'.

lake with bridge

We leave you more samples of free beautiful images taken from the MMT website. The user who wishes can download them from right here, without the need to cite a source.