How to modify my personal data in Hacienda por Internet

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Bureaucracy is bureaucracy, and as such it requires a whole series of steps and rituals. This also happens, logically, when one is about to request certificates from the Treasury , to present declarations or to carry out any procedure that one needs, either as a common citizen, as a self-employed person or entrepreneur. Fortunately, some of the procedures that previously could only be done at the Tax Agency windows , can now be formalized over the Internet . And although some of the procedures are also quite cumbersome, if you use the virtual office of the Tax Agency you can save a few queues and a lot of time. Today we tell you how you can modify personal data in the Internet Treasury.

Personal information

How to modify personal data in Hacienda por Internet

1. The first thing you have to do is access the Procedures section, within the Tax Agency page. The exact route is as follows:  Electronic Office> Home> All procedures> Censuses, NIF and tax address. Click on Form 030, which is the one corresponding to the Census of taxpayers -Declaration of registration, change of address and / or variation of personal data . 

2. Before continuing, you must consider an important point. And it is that this procedure can only be carried out by means of an electronic certificate or DNI . If you don't have it, you will have to request it. Access CERES to apply for the electronic certificate with which you can carry out this and many other procedures in the public administration. Click on Natural Person and follow the steps indicated.

Personal information

3. When you have the electronic certificate or you can use the DNI to identify yourself online , you will be able to access the presentation process. Within the page indicated above, click on the Modification or presentation option .

4. If you have a file that conforms to model 30 , you can load it directly. If not, you will have to fill in the data box by box, modifying only those that you needed to change and / or communicate.

Personal information

5. When you're done, you'll find the Sign & Submit button at the bottom of the page . Click here for the data to be sent to the Tax Agency  and the modification takes effect. You will see that a PDF file is automatically generated that you can save on your computer as proof that you have made the changes.

But be careful, if what you want is to make a change in Social Security  (remember that normally you have to make changes in both entities) , the procedure will not be so simple. And it is that this body forces us to go directly to their offices to identify ourselves . Remember that you will have to make an appointment, whether you go yourself or if you decide to delegate the procedure to your manager.

And that's all. As you can see, it is a very simple procedure , although in order to do it you have to be prepared with an electronic certificate or DNI . And you, have you already achieved it? What procedures do you usually do online? Tell us your shortcuts in the comments!