This is the meaning of Bomboclaat, the new Twitter buzzword

bomboclaat meaning bomboclat

First it was 'ontas', then it was 'sco pa tu mana' and now it's 'bomboclaat'. The new Twitter buzzword, also accepted as bomboclat , has arrived in the form of a drum roll, and at this time there are not a few users of the aforementioned social network who have joined the news. Many others wonder  what is bomboclat, what is the meaning of bomboclaat or what does bomboclat mean in Spanish . We see it below.

What is bomboclaat and what does it mean in Spanish?

Bomboclat or bomboclaat , followed by one or more images, is the new tweet that is causing a sensation on Twitter. Its meaning, however, welcomes various meanings, although the truth is that today it is not clear as it is a recently popularized word .

If we refer to the real meaning of the word, we find the following definition:

Bomboclat is a word of Jamaican origin that expresses disagreement, surprise, amazement, anger or exaltation. It does not have its own meaning, but is a mere expression.

On his arrival on Twitter, the meaning of bomboclaat welcomes two meanings. On the one hand, the word comes to replace the sco pa tu manaa  that became fashionable a few months ago. We can therefore deduce that it replaces the expressions 'what does this remind you of' or 'what memories does this bring you' if the expression is accompanied by an image with one or more words inside it, although it is also valid with videos and GIFs that describe a certain situation.

We did not have enough already with the sco pa tu manaa that now you also invent the bomboclaat //

- Maria; (@soulfrommars_) October 13, 2019

Caption this: * becomes Unpopular opinion *

Unpopular opinion: * becomes Sco pa tu manaa *

Sco pa tu manaa: * becomes Bomboclaat *


- Ecri '(@EcrisioFX) October 12, 2019

In its second meaning, bomboclat  comes to mean literally or literally. In general, this meaning is accepted if the tweet mentions another tweet that describes a situation or opinion that the rest of the users share.



- Cristian Elliot (@OFFIXIALcris) October 11, 2019

The third meaning of bomboclaat and its relationship with Hannah Montana

The last meaning of the word, and the most bizarre without a doubt, has to do with one of the most important mass idols of the first decade of the 2000s.

We are talking about Hannah Montana, a character played by Miley Cyrus and a youth series that would later become a film, a film that featured several original songs by the artist, including Hoedown Throwdown , a song that at the time of its release would popularize the famous expression by starting with a clapping rhythm similar to the famous expression.

whenever i see that bomboclaat meme i think of the hoedown throwdown scene in the hannah montana movie

- all hail darth jar jar (@vadereys) October 14, 2019

I don't know what the hell is that about the bomboclaat but it reminds me of the theme d hannah montana that says bum bum clap bum di clap di clap

- melody (@lucesflotantes) October 13, 2019

The song at its beginning says the following:

Boom boom clap

Boom de clap de clap

Boom boom clap

Boom de clap de clap

Boom boom clap

Boom de clap de clap

Boom boom clap

Boom de clap de clap

Try it with me

Here we go

So what does the bomboclat meme mean ?

It does not have a unique meaning. Depending on the content that accompanies the word, the meaning may vary depending on how we use the word .

If the expression is accompanied by a description of a situation, it can mean literally or literally. In case it is accompanied by one or more images or a word or set of words, you can replace the expressions 'what do you remember about this' or 'what does this remind you of'.