This is SlitherX, the version without lag and with more skins of


Cheating often ruins the experience of any game. However, when these traps are what they do is enhance the fun , they are worth doing. That is exactly what happens with SlitherX , a free mod or hack  that modifies some of the parameters of the snakes game that is in fashion, but keeping the freshness of the original game, all its mechanics and all its snakes. Something like the vitamins that needs .

As we say, it is a modification or hack , this means that it changes the game to be able to add some extra interesting questions. On the one hand, there are the new functionalities like the zoom , which offers some strategic advantage over the original game, and the skins , with many crazy designs to customize the snakes. And on the other hand, there is the informative field , with data that does not usually offer , although it is most curious.

How to install SlitherX

This is a modification created for Google Chrome . Thus, it can only be played from this Internet browser through a computer . At the moment there is no way to enjoy all its advantages on mobile.


Knowing this, you just have to access the Google Chrome extension store and search for SlitherX . Thus, the hack is shown among the results as one more tool of this browser. The best? That its installation is as simple as clicking on the Add to Chrome button . In a couple of seconds the process is finished and everything is established.

It only remains to make sure of the process by looking at the upper right corner of the browser window, where the SlitherX button should have appeared . A button with which to open a new tab quickly and access the game instantly.

What does SlitherX add?

Many things. On the one hand there are the skins or the aspects . Once installed, you just have to go to the usual section to change the skin of the snake to find many other variations. Pokémon , Donald Trump, more colors, more shapes and many options extended beyond the original game.


It also has the ability to add sound to the game . Simple effects when you start the screen, when you exceed the maximum score, when you die or even when you eat. Elements that energize the game as it is known.


The aforementioned zoom is also a most interesting addition. And it is that moving your eyes away from our snake means playing with a certain advantage over other players . Thus, it is possible to see the dangers that are approaching, or to know where there are nearby food banks.


SlitheX also has a powerful ace up its sleeve. It is the tool to be able to play with friends . In this way, it allows you to choose the game server so that other players, also using this hack , join in and enjoy the experience in the same game.


In addition, it offers very interesting game data for the player. On the one hand there are the statistics, which collect information such as the time survived, the food eaten or the maximum length of snake achieved, among other issues. It also allows you to view these statistics during the game itself, so that nothing escapes the player's knowledge.