How to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack

How to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack

VirtualBox is the most used computer virtualization program, something that is because it is free and that it works very well. Today we explain how you can install the VirtualBox Extension Pack to further improve its functionality.

VirtualBox Extension Pack is a set of tools that Oracle provides us for free to improve the possibilities of using VirtualBox. This is not installed by default, so we have to do it manually, something that is very simple.

First of all, let's see what features the VirtualBox Extension Pack installation adds.

  • Support for USB 2.0 and 3.0
  • Manage remote machines using VirtualBox Remote Display Protocol (VRDP)
  • Booting from the network with Intel PXE ROM
  • Virtual hard disk encryption with Disk Encryption
  • NVMe SSD support
  • Access to the host machine's webcam

How to download and install VirtualBox Extension Pack

Once we are clear about what VirtualBox Extension Pack is, we go on to see the installation process , as always very detailed so that no one has problems.

The first step is to go to the download section of the official VirtualBox website. Once there, we go to the " VM VirtualBox Extension Pack " section to download the package. As simple as that.

How to download VirtualBox Extension Pack

We wait for the download to finish and execute it. After that, the VirtualBox interface will open together with a small installation window for VirtualBox Extension Pack, click on " Install " and the installation process for this add-on will start.

How to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack 2

The first step we must take is to accept the license , once we do so we wait for the package to finish installing, it is very fast and will only take a second or two. At the end of the process we will see that a small window appears.

When finished click on " Accept " and you will have your VirtualBox ready to offer its best features. This installation package is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, which makes the installation process extremely simple regardless of the platform you are using.

Do you use VirtualBox? What do you think of this virtualization application?