Google Chrome Web Store, what it is and how to install applications, games and extensions

Google Chrome Web Store, what it is and how to install applications, games and extensions

If you regularly use Chrome as your main browser, you probably know that there is an online store or service called Chrome Web Store , which is used to download applications or, rather, extensions, which can be used to improve your experience on board the tool. In many cases these are functions that increase the performance of the browser, but in other cases, they add new functionalities or even invite you to try games to distract you from your work matters for a while.

But have you ever used it? If you've already downloaded an extension, you may want to learn how to get more out of the store. If you do not know what we are talking about, this article will also be very useful to discover what the Chrome Web Store is and how you can take better advantage of its applications, games and extensions. 

Google Chrome Web Store, what it is and how to install applications, games and extensions

Chrome Web Store, first steps

The first thing we will do before we start, logically, is access the Chrome Web Store. How could it be otherwise, you will have to make sure that you have Chrome installed , of course, since the store only works and is compatible with the Google browser. In case the flies, here is a direct link to download.

After this step, we are going to start taking a look at the Chrome Web Store. You can access from here and log in with your username and password . If you already use Chrome regularly and have accessed with your email address for the rest of the tools, such as mail and others, surely the session is already started. You can check it in the upper right part of the screen, right next to the settings wheel, where your email address should appear. In this way, you will be able to make any download that you consider appropriate.

chrome web store

Extensions that you can install from the Chrome Web Store

But now let's take action. Where can we start? What you will see as soon as you access the Chrome Web Store is a section with recommendations . We refer to the carousel at the top, from which Chrome offers you a series of extensions to install in your browser.

Here you can find themes to beautify the home page of the browser, collections of emoticons, tools to record the screen or even systems to check how fast your internet connection is . Take a look at these recommendations: you may find here some other interesting utility.

However, if what you were looking for was something more specific, don't worry. Because in the Chrome Web Store you will find all the extensions classified by categories . And in addition, you can carry out any search through the box, located on the far left of the screen. But we will see this later.

chrome web store

Let's first see what Google recommends in a personalized way. It will surely be a selection of extensions based on your history. You can take a look at them, check the stars they have, read the comments of the users who have already tried them. And if you want, you can even see more. All you have to do is click on the See all button .

chrome web store

You will see a wide selection of utilities open to you. If you click the back button, you can also access other selections that they have prepared from the Chrome Web Store itself. You have countless proposals, among which you can find the following:

  • Recent updates
  • Improve your gaming experience
  • Editor's Pick
  • Chrome Toolkit

chrome web store

  • General cleaning
  • Chat with Chrome
  • Productivity
  • Extensions of art and creativity

chrome web store

  • Extensions for every day
  • to get started
  • Expand your social circle
  • What's New


  • Capture the screen
  • Save it for later
  • Get organized
  • Product Hunt Jewelry


  • Content to procrastinate
  • Accessibility extensions
  • Wise words for every day
  • Wedding planning


  • Save at checkout
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • Get out of town
  • Take notes on the web


  • For entrepreneurs
  • Customize the page
  • Pure elegance
  • Control your online presence


  • Have a bad day?
  • Your news your way
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Relax and enjoy


  • For music lovers
  • Change your daily way of working
  • Job search
  • Don't miss any meeting


  • Shopping therapy
  • Kitchen buddies
  • Lifehacker package
  • Blogger Toolkit


  • Weather and exterior information
  • Don't miss the action
  • Get more out of PDFs
  • Keep up to date

chrome web store

  • Essential for writing
  • Write down your ideas
  • Control your lashes
  • Increase your productivity

As you can see, the possibilities you have are immense. From here you can choose the tools that interest you the most, without having to search. Just take a look at the selections they have prepared from the Chrome Web Store itself , detect your need and choose the extension you need.

search extensions

Find an extension in the Chrome Web Store

Another thing you can do, if these selections do not convince you (either because it is difficult for you to find what you are looking for, or because you prefer to get to the point instead of walking through the store), you can use the search engine . An extension may have been recommended to you. You may know that there is one that is great to solve your problem.

So what you have to do is perform a search from the search engine section, located on the left side of the screen, in the same Chrome Web Store . You can search by name, but if you don't know the title of the extension, you can also search by utility. For example: Record screen .

If you want, you can refine your search by choosing any of the following Categories :

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Accessibility
  • Blogs
  • Purchases
  • Of Google
  • sports
  • Fun
  • Photos
  • Search tools
  • Developer tools
  • News and weather
  • Productivity
  • Social and communication

You can also filter according to other parameters , which Google calls Functions. They are as follows:

  • Works offline
  • Of Google
  • Free
  • Available for Android
  • Works with Google Drive

chrome web store

Or by ratings, selecting only those that have five stars , four stars or more, three stars or more or two stars or more. Click on accept to obtain the most suitable selection. From here you can choose and install the extension that interests you the most.

chrome web store extension

How to install an extension in Chrome

You see that there are countless extensions that you can install in your browser. And in principle you will not find limits. This means that you can install all those that interest you or, rather, that are useful to you. Installing an extension in Chrome is very easy . You just have to follow these steps.

1. Have you already chosen the extension you want? Once you have it clear, click on it to see its description. Take a good look at the stars it has and take a look at the comments. Other users who have already tried it can surely help you (although we will talk about security in the Chrome Web Store later).

2. All the extensions have a general description , in which you can read how the tool works, what it can be used for and what problems it solves in more practical terms.

3. If you are sure you want to install it, click on the blue Add to Chrome button .

chrome web store

4. What will appear next is a warning, asking you again if you really want to install that extension. In that same dialog box, you will be told what that extension can do. If you agree, you will definitely have to click on the Add extension button . If you don't agree, choose Cancel.

installed extension

5. In a few moments, the extension will have been installed in your Chrome browser . Most likely, a shortcut icon has also been added to the function, which will be located on the far right of the screen, just after the address bar.


In this way, you can activate the extension much faster every time you need it . And this is especially useful when it comes to everyday tools.

How to remove an extension from Chrome

It is possible that with the passage of time or simply after having used the extension, you realize that this (and many others) no longer serves you at all. In this case, the best thing you can do is delete it / s . It is as easy as we tell you below:


1. Within the Chrome browser, click with the right mouse button on the area where the extensions are located. Choose the Manage extensions option .

2. Each and every one of the extensions that you have installed in Chrome will appear here . You can manage countless options, especially those related to privacy and permissions.


3. All you have to do to remove the extension is choose the one you want, wait for all the information to open and go to the bottom. Finally, you just have to click on the Delete extension button .

Before leaving, take a look at a very important fact. In recent times, Google has had to take extreme precautions in terms of permissions and others, since malicious extensions have been sneaked in. In this specific case, we ask you to observe the capture. It is the Chrome Web Store itself that warns us that there is an extension that violates the service rules. It will surely have been disabled by default, but for greater security, click the Remove button . It will always be better to get rid of it.

chrome web store malware

Security tips for installing extensions in Chrome

Not long ago, in May 2018, we learned that malicious extensions in Chrome had infected thousands of users. Even MEGA's Chrome extension woke up one day with malware, exposing the private data of those who had trusted the tool.

Since all this happened and, later, when the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, Google has had no choice but to look closely at the permissions granted to these third-party applications , since they can seriously endanger users who use them.

But the fact that they look very carefully at the applications that enter the Chrome Web Store does not free you from being careful when installing extensions in your browser. Thus, we give you five tips that you should always keep in mind:

  • Beware of fake extensions . They can sneak in, because it has happened on many occasions, as it also happens with apps. Hackers try to bypass the controls by creating extensions very similar to other official or very famous ones.
  • Do not get carried away by the first result . It is easy for you to choose the first one, because it is the one you have the closest to hand. But when looking for an extension, take a good look first at what you are trying to install.
  • Check the name of its creator . Look it up on Google and do all the necessary checks to make sure that the origin of the extension is completely reliable.
  • What is the score of this extension? If the score is low, be suspicious. Most likely, the tool doesn't even work or is just a scam.
  • Read and review user comments . There you will find many clues about the features and usefulness of the application. If others have already tried it, they have surely seen what the trick is.

Finally, remember that if you are not sure what to install, it is always better to go elsewhere. Avoid the extension, for what you want, and look for alternatives. With the plethora of extensions on the Chrome Web Store , you're sure to find something useful along the way.