5 features of the social network to flirt Badoo that does not have Tinder

5 features of the social network to flirt Badoo that does not have Tinder

Tinder is hitting it without any doubt. The famous dating app has become a must for any single person looking for a partner (or whatever arises). Much of its success lies in its ease of use, with an intuitive interface where immediacy prevails. Not for nothing, each week about a million appointments are generated .

However, when it comes to dating apps, there is another actor who has a lot to offer and who, at the very least, gains in seniority to the previous service. Of course, we are talking about Badoo, a website (also an app) that has been on the market since 2006 with more than 400 million registered users around the world.

Although both are designed to meet people, each has its advantages and disadvantages, and in the end it will be up to each one to choose the one that seems most appropriate .

Today we are going to focus on a series of aspects that, in our opinion, make Badoo stand out above the all-powerful Tinder . Let's see which ones.


Take your time

The first thing that jumps out is that,  in Badoo , we can invest the time we need in the search for that person who dicks us. Its approach allows us to see the profiles that interest us the most calmly, without the competitiveness of Tinder, which is sometimes excessive.

The Badoo service is quite complete . We can search among all the available profiles and know more about a person, before venturing to start a chat. In addition to the possibility of sliding profiles, we can also see which users we have near our area and which ones are connected at that precise moment, thanks to its geolocation functions.

In short, Badoo is a tool to take it easy and play it safe, since its system of discovering profiles is more extensive. If we are one of those who prefer to show more personal aspects about ourselves to find someone with the same tastes and values, this is your service without a doubt.


A much larger community

Perhaps it is due to the fact that he has been in the limelight for more years, or perhaps because of his service. The truth is that the social network Badoo has a community of registered users much larger than the honorable competition .

While Tinder had close to 60 million records in 2018, Badoo returned a staggering 395 million at the end of the same year. In both cases, the time elapsed since its creation has been taken into account, and the second wins by 6 to the first.

This is not necessarily a good or bad thing in itself. After all, we don't pretend to meet so many people, even if some of them may have thought of it. What is clear is that with Badoo a huge world of almost infinite possibilities opens up to us .

We will have the opportunity to choose any corner of the planet and know for sure that someone will be using this same application, and thus interact with them. The options never run out.


If you are looking for something serious

Everyone knows that Tinder is the dating app for young people . That's because its majority audience is between the ages of 18 and 36, while if we talk about 40 tacos up, we are more likely to find more options on Badoo.

Of course, these are general data. It's not to say that Tinder isn't frequented by mature people, or that Badoo lacks young blood. Nothing further. But it is clear that there is a trend in the use of both services depending on the age of the users.

This is not an aspect for or against Badoo or Tinder either. What we can deduce is that a person over the age of 38-40 does not seek the same thing as one in his twenties. Of course, we are speaking again in general terms.

A mature person will be more inclined to find profiles that offer them some stability or, to put it another way, something “more serious”. While the younger profiles will be more assiduous to chance encounters. That said, it is up to us to choose one or another service according to our own expectations .


More options

In general, Badoo has many more options and possibilities than Tinder . Mind you, this will not necessarily increase our number of appointments. It will depend on how we use those tools.

This aspect ties in with the more leisurely approach to your service . We can upload much more content of all kinds (images, videos, streams), chat options, access to much more information from the rest of the profiles. Come on, possibilities are not lacking. The difficult thing in this case is to define our objective and not get lost among so many functions.

In addition, from time to time it will offer us superpowers for free , through which we will gain popularity to differentiate ourselves from other profiles. Of course, these are limited tests, since this is one of the options found in the payment option.

Badoo Premium

Although Tinder also has a payment plan (and cheaper), it must be recognized that the Badoo option is also more complete in this section. And is that all the restricted functions that the free version has will be available in the paid version. It points out, that there are few precisely:

  • We can send messages to whoever we want, even those most popular profiles.
  • We have the option of having our messages seen before those of other potential candidates. You already know that he who does not run, flies.
  • There is the option to speak to new profiles. Keep in mind that these types of users are people who are not yet up to the cap of this type of platform, and more likely to make contact.
  • We can know who we like or who has added us to favorites

All these extra Badoo features help us a lot when it comes to getting more conversations, notoriety and, of course, dates . Of course we are clear that, if we are thinking of paying for an application, this is a safe bet.