▷ I can't enter Facebook: solution to login problems

Facebook's track record of service outages in the past month has been disastrous. There have been two occasions in which the servers of the well-known social network have suffered a global drop that has affected practically all parts of the world. This is not to say that all Facebook login problems have to do with server crashes . Queries such as "I cannot enter Facebook", "I cannot open Facebook on my mobile" or "I cannot start Facebook normally" currently reach more than 10,000 monthly views, and today we will try to solve all of them.

Step 1: check that Facebook is not down or not working

Before getting into the matter, we will have to check if the Facebook service is down . For this, the best page is Down Detector.

facebook does not work

By clicking on this link we can see the status of the Facebook servers in different parts of the world. If, indeed, the service is down, we will have to wait for it to be restored .

Step 2: change your Facebook password if you don't log in

If the Facebook service is still in effect and we are not able to enter our Facebook account, it may be due to a possible password theft .

Facebook does not log in

To recover the Facebook password we will have to access Facebook through this link and write down the email that we have used to enter Facebook in the corresponding box.

Then, we will choose the password recovery method (via SMS or via email) and we will follow the steps that the web indicates to recover the password. It is very important in this step to choose a complete password (alphanumeric characters, uppercase and lowercase, punctuation marks ...) to avoid being hacked again.

If you can't log in with your email on Facebook

When it comes to recovering the Facebook password, it may be the case that the hacker in question has changed the email address . In this case, we can use different methods to recover the Facebook account if you do not log in.

Recover Facebook account with mobile number or name

To recover the account through our mobile phone number or our name, we will have to access Facebook through this link and enter our corresponding personal data.

Facebook won't let you log in

From Facebook they recommend carrying out the process from a device where we have previously logged in , since the system will identify it as a trusted device.

Recover Facebook account with trusted contacts

Are we still unable to recover the Facebook account? The last method we can turn to is based on trusted contacts.

I can't login to facebook

Using the same link from the previous method, we will click on the button You no longer have access? and then I can't access my email address.

Then a list of our trusted contacts will appear. We will have to enter the name of several of them to verify that we are indeed the owners of the account. If we have not previously configured trusted contacts, we will not be able to recover the account through this method.

Step 3: check that the Facebook account is not suspended

Have you done any type of activity not allowed on Facebook in the last few weeks? Then it is likely that Facebook has temporarily suspended the account .

recover disabled facebook account

Reasons for suspension may be due to the following reasons:

  • Post content that does not comply with the Facebook Terms
  • Use a false or unverifiable name
  • Impersonate the identity of another person through personal data and photographs
  • Reiterate disallowed conduct on Facebook that violates the Facebook Community Standards
  • Contact other people within Facebook for the purposes of harassment, advertising, promotion or other types of prohibited conduct

To recover the account and log in normally, we will have to complete the following form with our personal data and the photograph of our identity document.