▷ How to see the results of the DGT driving license exam

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For a few years now, the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) has been offering the results of both theoretical and practical driving tests electronically . This is extremely useful if we live in a city other than the DGT office and we cannot verify the result of the exam in person. A few weeks ago we showed you how to vote by mail for the 2019 Elections. This time we will teach you to see the results of the DGT exam for the driving license in all its variants (B card, C card, C + E card etcetera) through the DGT page.

This is how you can check the DGT driving license exam note

To check the results obtained in the card exam, whether practical or theoretical, we will have to go to the official page of the DGT through this link.

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Once inside, we will introduce our DNI or NIE, the date of the exam, the type of permit (B, C, C + E ...) and our date of birth . Then, the web will show us the final result of the exam and the failures that we have obtained during its completion. The latter will depend on whether it is a practical or theoretical exam.

In the case of the first, we will obtain a detailed list with all the errors typified in the General Traffic Regulations . In addition to the number of minor, serious or eliminatory faults, the code of each fault and its explanation (for example, incorrect signaling, exceeded safety distance…) will be displayed. As for the theoretical exam, the only thing we will get will be the number of mistakes made.

At what time the results of the practical exam come out at the DGT

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The delay of the practical test results may vary depending on the Autonomous Community. In general, the test result will be provided by the examiner to the driving school teacher at the end of the test .

Otherwise, the normal thing is that the results are published the same afternoon of the day of the examination . If the exam has taken the evening schedule, that is, during the afternoon, it is most likely that we will not be able to see the result until the next day in the morning.

At what time are the results of the theoretical exam at the DGT

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The result of the theoretical exam usually takes a few hours after the end of it. In general, it will be during the afternoon of the same day when the results are published on the official website of the DGT .