How to change your Hotmail account for a new Outlook one without losing emails

How to change your Hotmail account for a new Outlook one without losing emails

From 2012 onwards, many Hotmail users switched almost automatically to Outlook, the replacement for veteran Microsoft email. While remaining practically the same service, Outlook was presented as a completely renewed and updated messaging option .

Another of the highlights of was its slick interface, which undoubtedly greatly improved the user experience. In addition, a special version of the integrated Office package was included, which allows you to edit any of the Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents that are attached to an email message.

Surely the question that many Hotmail users are now asking is how can I change Hotmail email to Outlook? If for any reason your account did not make the change automatically, you can do it now easily and quickly. Next, we will briefly explain how to do it without problems.

Guide to transfer your account from Hotmail to Outlook

The first thing we will have to do is access our account and, once inside, we go to the "Options" menu in the upper right corner. Finally, click on the "Update" option to renew the account from the domain to .

Too easy, huh? The truth is that, even if you switch to the new Outlook email, with the brand new design and many more functions, you will not automatically get the @outlook extension .

Get an address @

If you want your own @outlook address, we must first change our alias, so that we can continue using our account, but under the new domain. Thus, we can continue to use our email without losing important emails or our own contacts. After all, it is the same inbox within another service from the same company.

First of all, we will have to log in, but this time on Microsoft's own website to manage our account. Then, we can do two things: access our inbox, or click on the option "Your information" from our Microsoft profile.


In the first option, we choose "Manage this email account." If we choose to go to our inbox, click on "Settings" to choose the "Mail" option. In the new screen choose "Manage or choose a main alias", as indicated in the image .microsoft.

We take the path we take, we will arrive at the section "Manage how to log in to Microsoft", where we will see that an option appears that is "Account aliases" and within this, "Add email".

Once we have created the alias,  we can safely use it with the new Outlook domain , without having to lose any of the emails or contacts we had with the previous Hotmail domain.

When you change the name of the email address, you can choose a completely different name . Your account will become your primary account, and new email sent to your old account will go to your inbox.

Another thing we have to bear in mind is that, if we have waited too long, it is possible that someone has done with our alias . The problem with this is that you have to end up using a different name than the one you already used in Hotmail, which can lead to some confusion.