Netflix says goodbye to star ratings, this is the new system

Netflix says goodbye to star ratings, this is the new system

Netflix streaming movies and series service changes the way you score. After rumors on this subject, the company has made the change official. L as stars are changed thumbs up and down on the valuation of the series and movies from Netflix. We explain the reasons for Netflix and how this new way of scoring works.

Starting today, the changes from stars to thumbs come into effect. Until now, if we wanted to rate a series we had to put from one to five stars. In this case, Netflix wanted to make it more intuitive and easy for users, and give their opinion if we like it or not with the thumbs up or down. According to Netflix, the change is because, in this way, they can better see what you like and what you don't like . In this way, they will be able to suggest series or chapters of your interest.

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Although it is true that the star rating was a way to know if the series or movie was good or not. Netflix has devised another system. It is about showing us a percentage of coincidence. That is, it will show us a percentage or another if the series adapts to our style. This you will know thanks to the thumbs that we put in each series. An example, if I give a thumbs up on House Of Cards, it means that I like that series. Now Netflix will show me similar series and will tell me the percentage of coincidence based on my tastes. (80%, 95% etc.).

According to Netflix, there have been many years that they have been with the star rating, but for more than a year they have studied the possibility of changing it, because many users were confused, and did not know if that score belonged to the users, or established it. Netflix based on the series. They also claim that, by implementing thumbs, acceptance grew a lot.

We will see how the new bet of the netflix interface ends. Do you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down?