NACEX customer service: phone, contact and support email


When it comes to sending parcels, NACEX is another leading company , which together with SEUR, MRW and Correos, offer delivery services throughout Spain. In fact, they have an infinite number of special services with which any user, whether private or company, can send what they want to the other end of the country and with due urgency.

Like all courier companies, NACEX has a complete customer service . They will be able to assist you by phone, but you also have the option of filling out an electronic form, contacting an agency near your home or trying social networks, where NACEX is also present.

Do you need to contact NACEX to know about a package or a shipment that you have made? Next, we put at your disposal all the contact information that you should know. Save them in favorites and have this information always at hand.


Check the status of your shipment in NACEX before calling

If you are waiting to receive a package or are waiting for it to reach its destination, because you have sent it, you can make a quick inquiry through the NACEX website . And it is that like most courier companies, they have a service with which you can follow up in real time. In this way, you will obtain information about the exact location of the package and obtain an estimated date and time for delivery.

Call NACEX customer service

If you need to speak to an agent or ask any questions, whether or not they are related to a specific package or service, you can also call NACEX customer service . In fact, it is one of the fastest ways to get in touch with them. The phone number you have to call is:

900 100 000


Contact your nearest NACEX office

It is very possible that those who have specific information about your package are responsible for the closest office here: the one that will be in charge of sending or receiving it. In this case, to find the corresponding address or telephone number , you will have to access the Franchise Locator.

Hit the Search button to indicate or select your zip code. Your closest offices will be displayed before you and you will find all the information you need: address, telephone, email and hours.

Send a letter or email to NACEX

If you prefer to leave a written record of your request to NACEX, you have other options. The first and fastest is to send an email message to NACEX customer service . The address to which you must send it is the following:

[email protected]

Another option, although slower, is to send a postal letter. This route can be especially useful for claims against possible incidents. The NACEX address is as follows:


PI Gran Vía Sur,

C / Pablo Iglesias, 112-122

08908 - Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

In any case, if you need to make a quick claim due to delays, theft or lack of merchandise, you can go to the claims section of the website and fill out the form. In addition, within the NACEX website you will always find the option to contact a NACEX agent through chat .

Contact NACEX through social networks

The last option that we propose to get in touch with NACEX is through social networks. The company is present only on Twitter, so you will always have the possibility to contact a customer service agent who can help you as soon as possible:

  • Twitter NACEX