How to enter Instagram without an account

How to enter Instagram without an account

Suddenly you have found yourself in the need to consult an Instagram profile, but you do not have an account on this social network and you do not want to create it for a single use, without a doubt a situation that can arise at any time. We explain how you can enter to visit an Instagram profile without having an account.

How to enter an Instagram profile without an account

There are social networks that do not allow any type of access to their content if you do not have an active user account, an example of this type of service is Facebook. At the other extreme, there is Twitter that offers free access to all users, regardless of whether you have an active account or not.

In the case of Instagram, this social network is in an intermediate position. Instagram allows access to part of its content without the need to have an active user account . In this way, you will only be able to access profiles that are public, since in the case of private ones, you will need the authorization of the profile owner, which is impossible to achieve without an active account.

The first step to be able to consult an Instagram user profile without having an account is to know the name of the profile that interests you, something quite logical. The next step is to open a Google window and put the name of the profile next to the word Instagram . By doing this, you should get the result you were looking for in the first positions. If the profile is public you can enter without problems, but if it is private you will not be able to do anything.

Let's see an example, we will google “chessieking instagram” . In this case, the result that interests us appears in the first position, that is why I have decided to use this example.

How to enter Instagram without account 1

The profile of this user is completely open , we can enter to see its content without problems. In the image you can see that we have not logged in before accessing the profile of this girl.


Another way to do it is through a link from some other social network, for example Facebook . It is generally possible to put links to other social networks, so you should not have problems in this case.

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