20 funny Halloween memes and GIFs to share on WhatsApp

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Tomorrow will take place what is possibly one of the most anticipated festivities in the world: Halloween. Better known as Halloween or Halloween Night in Spanish-speaking countries, it is a tradition of Celtic origin whose evolution over the years has led to parties with costumes and mortuary motifs and dozens of Halloween memes on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This time we have compiled precisely some of the funniest Halloween memes and GIFs in Spanish to share on WhatsApp or any other messaging application. To download them, just click on the element in question with the right click of the mouse or with your finger and select Download image or video.

Happy juagüelin group I am Vanessa

Probably the best Halloween meme that you will find on the eve of the Day of the Dead. Congratulate your loved ones on Halloween with the audio of Vanessa and her signaturejagüelingreeting .

What comes next will surprise you:

More memes of Feliz Jagüelin de Vanessa

After the viralization of the famous audio of Vanessa, protagonist of the most original Halloween greeting of the last decade, a multitude of memes in the form of video and images have arisen around . We leave you a few to share.

Even Vanessa herself dared to congratulate Christmas after becoming famous in networks:

When you want to be the Joker but you know everyone will dress up as the Joker

The character played by Joaquin Phoenix has caused a sensation in the cinema throughout the world with his portrayal of the Joker in the homonymous film. If a few years ago Harley Queen was the queen of costumes, 2019 will be, without a doubt, the year of the Joker .

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Black cats for a walk

At 30, the most characteristic symbol of Halloween and bad luck becomes part of your bachelor outfit . Did someone say cats?

Hahahaha #Halloween meme pic.twitter.com/fRpcwJLs9r

- Valeria De La Espriella (@SolteraDeBotas) October 30, 2019

Bailonga squash

On this very important day, you cannot miss the dancing pumpkin in GIF form . Now with new dances and choreographies to add to the collection.

It's show time

What better Halloween meme when you go out to dog with your friends than “Showtime” by Beetlejuice , Tim Burton's famous creation with Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton as headliners.

Sitting here waiting for Halloween

Waiting for Halloween or some hint of human contact with your crush ? In either case, a meme is the best way to break the ice (along with global warming).

Are you sure Christmas is not in Torrelodones?

Halloween is not exactly a tradition of Spanish origin, but are you sure that the death of Christ did not take place in Torrelodones , a Spanish municipality 30 kilometers from the capital Madrid?

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What if we dress up as boyfriends?

Haven't you declared to your crush yet? What are you waiting for. With this Halloween meme you are sure to break it, or at least you are sure to laugh.

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Beware of alcohol

Why look for a Halloween outfit for October 31 if you can dress up as you've been for the rest of the year? Of course, be careful with the juices and pastis.

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If you are short you can ask for sweets the rest of your life

If you suffer from dwarfism - not onanism - or do not exceed five feet tall, you can trick-or-treat on the ranches of your city in the state of Texas the rest of the year without wearing Halloween costumes.

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Party mood?

Are you a fan of South Park? Get the party going with your friends with this GIF of Randy Marsh , the father of the iconic Stan Marsh who now has his own costume for Halloween.

To move the skeleton!

Dressing as a skeleton is perhaps not the best idea to dance to the latest Bad Bunny song. Maybe rabbit?

The more guys I know, the more I love my dog

And the more I get to know my dog, the more I treat him like a human being. Have you thought about designing a Halloween costume for the hairiest in the house (not counting on your father)?

The dog is man's best friend

Intruders in the yard of your Minnesota home? Go to your furry to scare away those annoying kids who come asking for sweets and sweets at the cost of not destroying your walls with eggs, stones and all kinds of throwing weapons.

I didn't want to tell you like that, but ...

I don't want to be the one to tell you, but it 's probably not because of your Halloween costume , but because of your… Well, let's leave it there.

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Perrear I'm not so good at it

Dancing is not given to me too. Nor dogging. Make a fool? Very much. If you feel identified with me, this series of GIF images is our spirit animal. It is also useful for getting ideas for costumes and costumes for Halloween.

Harley Quinn, Pennywise and Joker: the kings of the Halloween party 2019

We already said it at the beginning. Harley Quinn, the clown from IT and Joker will be the kings of Halloween this year. Are you sure you don't want to wear an Income Statement that goes out to pay? That is really scary and not the other.

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Scream or Christina Aguilera?

Have you noticed Christina Aguilera's resemblance to Scream, the highest grossing scary movie of the 90s? Probably not, but this e dit  in GIF form of the famous serial killer is his best representation .

Take off, my wig falls off

Prove you are the queen of the party with your suit, your wig and this enigmatic GIF of Robert Smith , vocalist, guitarist and founder of the mythical group The Cure who has given such good songs to fans of this type of celebrities.

On the web we can find many others by the same Gothic-style composer. But really gothic, not like Tokio Hotel and Notre Dame Cathedral.