How disputes and returns work on Wallapop

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Although Wallapop is a platform aimed at selling second-hand products in person, the application has a service called Wallapop Shipping that facilitates the sale and purchase of a product without having to have a previous physical contact.

If the guarantees are practically null in the process of a face-to-face sale, the service offered by Wallapop to send second-hand products has a series of guarantees that protect both the buyer and the seller. How can we proceed in case of product return or dispute with third parties? What if the package is lost?  Let's see what Wallapop says.

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  • I have received a defective product, how can I claim it?
  • What happens if the seller does not accept the claim / return?
  • I have not received the product, who do I claim?
  • Can I claim a product if I have bought it in person?

I have received a defective product, how can I claim it?

The Wallapop Shipping system is simple: the seller ships the product and the buyer pays the amount owed through WallaPay, an amount that is withheld until the transaction is confirmed . What happens if the product in question is damaged, does not correspond to the original description or is defective?

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Once we have received the product in question, Wallapop will enable a dialog box within the conversation with the seller where we can mark that the transaction has been correct. In the event that the product is defective or incorrect , we can open a dispute from the same dialog box , just below the All OK option. It is very important that we do not mark this last option, since otherwise Wallapop will sign the transaction as completed , making it impossible to subsequently claim the product.

After opening the relevant claim we will have to provide a series of tests (photographs, videos, images ...) that certify that the product is erratic together with a description where we must describe the error of the article. If the seller accepts the claim, Wallapop will send us a postal code to make the shipment through the nearest office, shipment that must include the original packaging of the product, including the label generated by Wallapop. All within a period of no more than five days .

When the seller receives the package at the indicated address, Wallapop will deposit the money owed into the bank account indicated by the buyer within a period of no more than 48 hours. In case of not delivering the package within the period indicated above, Wallapop will cancel the dispute and make the payment to the seller .

What happens if the seller does not accept the claim / return?

In the event that the seller does not accept the claim, the dispute will be transferred directly to the Wallapop support center , where the case will be evaluated and a decision will be made based on the evidence provided by the buyer (us), the description original product and the company's return policies.

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What products or conditions are excluded in the Wallapop return? The application indicates the following:

  • Products whose content or operation cannot be verified (cosmetics, perfumery, wine bottles, air conditioners, etc.).
  • Products labeled "damaged" or "for parts."
  • Color differences when it has not been specified in the original description of the article.
  • Products stained, dirty or with marks of use.
  • Products in which accessories or elements not essential for use are missing, such as screws or nuts.
  • Differences between shoe and clothing measurements.

If our product does not fall within the exclusions indicated by the terms of Wallapop and the application fails in our favor, the amount will be paid in the following 72 hours . If the damage caused to the product has been caused by Correos, the buyer must provide the necessary evidence to assess the situation.

In the event that Wallapop fails in favor of the buyer, the company will open a request to the Post Office to obtain a full refund or compensation whose amount will vary depending on the damage caused to the product. This dispute can last up to a maximum period of 30 days.

I have not received the product, who do I claim?

In the event of possible loss by Correos, Wallapop will initiate a series of procedures with Correos to determine the origin of the problem and the situation of the lost product as long as it has been verified that the item has not reached its destination.

If the origin of it is not determined, the application will economically compensate both the buyer and the seller if necessary . Resolution can take up to a maximum of 35 days.

Can I claim a product if I have bought it in person?

If the transaction has been carried out outside the Wallapop channels, that is, in person or through third party messaging services, the company will not be responsible for any item offered for sale through the application .

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Capture of a Nigerian scam committed at Wallapop.

The terms of service indicate the following:

"Wallapop does not review or validate the products that users offer through the service, so that wallapop will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for damages of any kind arising from the use and contracting of the contents. and the activities of users and / or third parties through the service.

Nor will it be responsible for the lack of legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the same. "

If we have been the victims of a scam, from we recommend going directly to the authorities with all the information of the case. Name and address of the alleged scammer, amount owed and screenshots of the original conversation on Wallapop. Remember: amounts less than 400 euros will be considered a minor crime of theft.

Likewise, it is recommended to claim the case in the Wallapop application through the options Claim product and Report profile . Both options are can be located in the conversation options.