Can I buy or sell Epic Games accounts to play Fortnite?

Can I buy or sell Epic Games accounts to play Fortnite?

Thinking of buying or selling a Fortnite account? You have entered the right place. No, we do not have accounts to sell and we are not looking to buy one either. Rather, give you information about this practice that is present in many, many users. Players manage to generate Fortnite accounts with Skins, turkeys, dances, levels and more details to sell them . But ... can this be done in Fortnite? We go over what Epic Games says about buying / selling Accounts and all the details.

The answer to the question is No. Epic Games strictly prohibits the purchase and sale of accounts to play Fortnite. The company can sanction the user by deleting the account, not only because of the rules of the game, but also because of the possible scams that can be caused to the buyer. What scams? For example, a buyer pays for the account and the seller changes the password before giving it to him, thus keeping the money and his account. Also, it is possible that this account has been Hacked before, and shortly after purchasing it, it is deleted due to a ban.

Also, remember that you were not the one who created the account. He could have linked data that could harm him later , such as association with the PlayStation account, email address for password recovery or associated telephone number for sending codes among others.

The buyer is not the only one who may be affected


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Epic Games can ban the account before even selling it. Above all, if you make use of their official portals to promote your sale (forums, social networks ...) or constant logins in different devices, services and locations once you have sold it. And the truth is that it is very easy to find users who sell their accounts. Just a search on Google found hundreds of entries where players expose their accounts for sale. Just by looking at these forums I have been able to detect several accounts that could be vandalized in the blink of an eye.

On the other hand, the player who sells his account in different forums and internet portals may be affected by the reports of other users for different reasons, something that could alert Epic Games, the Fortnite company. Finally, after selling your account personal traces may remain, such as addresses, your card account etc.

In short, do not buy or sell your Epic Games account to play Fortnite . Not just because the company spells it out in their rules, but because they could scam you or get hurt. The wisest thing to do is to properly advance your account.