How wireless charging works on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

One of the best accessories for your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone or for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is, without a doubt, the Samsung Wireless Charger : the wireless charging platform that helps you keep your workspace a little more clear and "" from step ”“ offers you a faster loading of the terminals.

We explain how wireless charging works in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and we tell you some curiosities about the process.

How is wireless charging produced?

Wireless chargers "" like the Samsung Wireless Charger "" allow you to transmit energy to your device without the need for a cable thanks to the creation of a small electromagnetic field that the smartphone can detect.

The wireless charging station must be connected to the power and the smartphone must rest on its surface in the correct position. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7 , we can place it vertically or horizontally to easily read notifications even if the terminal is charging.

Instructions for charging the Samsung Galaxy S7

The first thing we have to do is connect the Samsung Wireless Charger to the current with a charger (the Samsung Galaxy S7 itself can be useful because it uses the same type of USB cable). The charging station will then show a small blue light on the base, to indicate that everything is ready to go.

Then place the Samsung Galaxy S7 flat on it, in a horizontal or vertical position. It is important that you know that the charge is activated automatically and it is not necessary to configure any settings on the phone. In fact, with this method you can charge the phone, no matter if it is turned off or on.

The blue light will stay on during the process if the phone is well supported, or it will turn off if you have not placed the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the correct position. Hint: Ideally, you should place the phone right in the center of the circle, letting the bottom rest on the base.

One of the most interesting features of the new Samsung Wireless Charger is fast charging: you can get speeds up to 1.4 times higher  than those offered by other wireless charging stations.

Advantages and disadvantages

Samsung Wireless Charger

The Samsung Wireless Charger measures 113.4mm x 87.2mm x 88mm and weighs 167 grams , making it light and handy. The design is also quite attractive and the inclination of the surface makes using the phone much easier when it is charging : you can manage the applications, check notifications or even leave videos active to watch them without having to hold the Samsung Galaxy S7 in your hand.

The main drawback is that, although you do not need a cable to plug in the phone, the charging station does have to be connected to the power with its cable. However, by not having to pull the cable or unplug the device to use the mobile, you can keep your workspace a little more orderly (by passing the cable, for example, behind the table and directly towards the socket).