4 hidden settings that you have to activate yes or yes on your Motorola mobile

hidden settings motorola

Android is a system that in itself has dozens of functions. To this must be added the options that the telephone manufacturers themselves integrate with their personalization layers. This is the case of Motorola, which makes a multitude of tools available to users to expand the possibilities of their phones. But these tools are not always in sight. For this reason we have compiled several hidden settings to activate on a Motorola mobile , regardless of the version of Android it contains.

Hardware Test Mode to test device hardware

Did you know that Motorola phones have a hidden setting that allows us to test the different components of the device? This menu is called the Hardware Test Mode. Its main function is to check the correct operation of the phone's hardware. Touch screen, proximity sensor, etc. internal speaker .

To access this menu we will have to use the Telephone application to dial a secret code. The code in question is as follows:

  • * # * # 2486 # * # *

Automatically we will see a menu similar to the one in the following image:

hidden settings motorola activate yes or yes 1

Within each of the options shown to us, we can perform different tests. Sequence Mode will allow us to perform a sequential test of all the components of the phone. To carry out a personalized test, we can use the CQA Menu Mode option.

Testing Menu to test mobile connections

It is a hidden menu that allows us to know more information about the WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC connections of our phone, as well as to carry out synthetic tests to check its operation.

The way to activate this menu is similar to the previous one. Just enter the following command in the Phone application:

  • * # * # 4636 # * # *

Then Android will display a menu similar to the following:

hidden settings motorola activate yes or yes 0

To know the information about the connections or perform the hardware tests we will have to play with the different menu options.

Calendar information, a hidden menu to know the calendar events

This curious menu allows us to know at a glance all the events that we have saved in the calendar . The menu in question will show us the events depending on the type of event: birthdays, holidays, national holidays ... It can be activated through the following code in the Telephone application:

  • * # * # 225 # * # *

Android will automatically show us a list with all the calendar events. Nothing else.

Developer settings to activate hidden Android options

This menu is not exclusive to Motorola mobiles. It is a native Android function that allows us to activate a series of developer-oriented settings. Thanks to these settings we can, for example, speed up the system animations, create a fake GPS location, change the screen resolution or alter the pixel density per inch, among many other possibilities.

hidden settings motorola activate yes or yes 2

The way to activate this menu is as simple as going to the System section in Settings. Within this section we will go to the About phone option. Next, we will click a total of seven times on Build number . The system will then enable Development Settings.

To access these, just go back to System and click on Advanced . Now the menu will show a new option with the same name that we just mentioned. Now we just have to play with the different options to activate certain system functions.

To change the speed of the animations, for example, we will have to go to the Scale animation window options . If we want to change the density of pixels per inch we will have to resort to the Smaller Width option.