▷ Feedly Spain: what it is, how it works and tricks to get all the juice

feedly in spanish what is tricks

After the death of Google Reader (now Google News), Feedly saw its user base grow by millions. The popular RSS service is currently the best known in Spain, even above others such as Flipboard or Apple News. But what is really successful and how does the RSS reader client work? We analyze the best Spanish feed reader of 2019 and we tell you all the Feedly tricks to read web pages . We also invite you to take a look at the best alternatives to Feedly that we published today several weeks ago

What is Feedly

Feedly is nothing more than a tool that allows us to read the feed of different web pages that we have joined and added manually . This tool or application (it has a web version and a mobile application) is extremely useful if we do not want to enter the pages that interest us the most one by one to check whether or not there are new publications.

main screen feedly

Another advantage that Feedly has is that it hardly consumes resources when it comes to data . By not having to load the entire web page of the article in question, the consumption of the application is practically laughable. Ideal if we have a limited data rate on our mobile.

Advantages of Feedly over other feed readers

Feedly is not only the best-known feed reader of 2019, but also the best relative to its main competitors. We leave you with its main advantages over other tools:

  • Less data consumption
  • Ease of use and the possibility of establishing a chronological order of the news
  • Save and store articles to read later
  • Allows you to like or fav articles to save them in a personal list
  • If you have a blog, it is likely that your traffic will be increased if you have RSS given the Feedly user base
  • Compatibility with third-party applications to share articles (Twitter, WordPress, Hootsuite ...)
  • Allows you to save articles in Evernote

Is Feedly free?

Yes. Currently it has three versions, one totally free (Free) and two paid for professionals and companies (Pro and Team) . The differences of the last two with respect to the first is that we can add news sources (that is, web pages, as can be the case of Tuexperto.com) in an unlimited way and with a multitude of added options.

feedly pro free

Some of these options are the ability to annotate the news, share it through other applications such as Evernote, OneNote or Pocket, filter it through custom search terms and so on. We can also create alerts based on keywords (for example, if a news item has the name Galaxy S10, the application will notify us) and eliminate all the ads that the application includes.

As for the Free version, it has a limit of 100 news and 100 maximum sources . The rest of the options are not included in the free version, and of course, we will have to "endure" some sponsored news.

We can see all the differences between the Free version and the Pro and Team versions on the official Feedly page.

How Feedly works in Spanish

Once we are clear about what Feedly is, we can proceed to create our account.

The first step to do this will be to go to the official page through this link and click on Get started for free .

feedly main screen 2

Then, we will register on the platform with our Facebook, Gmail, Feedly or Twitter account and we will see an interface similar to the one that heads this paragraph.

To add our first sources, we will click on the lower Add content button . Next, a search engine will appear that will allow us to search for our favorite web pages through a URL, a simple name or a hashtag. We can also filter the search by keywords if we click on Keyword alerts.

search feedly sources

Once we have found the website in question, it is as simple as clicking on the Follow button and it will automatically be added to our feed . You can do the test with this image that will take you to the Tuexperto.com feed.

follow me feedly

If you click on this button, you will be able to subscribe to the Feed of Your Expert.

In the event that we want to add our lists from Flipboard or Twitter to Feedly, we can import the corresponding OML file through this link.

How to create lists and folders in Feedly

One of the most interesting options that Feedly offers us is to create folders and lists to organize our feed .

add feed feedly

We can do it in a simple way by adding a new source from the aforementioned search engine and clicking on the New feed option instead of Favorites . Thus, we can classify the content as many times as we want in a multitude of folders.

Best Feedly tricks of 2019 to get the most out of it

Feedly in Spanish has a multitude of tricks to get the most out of the news feed reader. We leave you below with several of the best tricks updated to 2019.

Add a Feedly button to our blog

If we have a personal or business blog, we can add a button for our readers to subscribe to our RSS. To do this, as simple as downloading an image like the one we see just below this paragraph and adding the link  //feedly.com/i/discover/sources/search/feed/yourwebsite .

follow me feedly

For example, to create a link to Feedly from Your Expert, we would do it as follows:

  • //feedly.com/i/discover/sources/search/feed/tuexperto.com

Now we will only have to add it to an article or page of our blog or to the sidebar.

Remove a feed from Feedly

delete web feedly

If one of the blogs to which we are subscribed no longer publishes content or it is not of our interest, we can delete the source and unsubscribe by clicking on the source in question and giving Unfollow on the three Options points.

Change a folder font

In the event that we want to change a page or folder font, we can do so by using the same Options menu mentioned above, but this time in the Move to… option.

Rearrange Feedly sources and websites

organize feedly sources

If we want to reorganize the content of Feedly even more, we will have to resort to the Organize option of the web , which can be found by clicking on our start image in the upper right corner.

Now we can delete fonts, rename them, move them from folder and rearrange them according to our criteria.

Search and filter news by keyword in the free version

filter feedly news

Although it is an exclusive function of the paid Pro version, we can simulate it by pressing the Control + F key combination at the same time . Next, a small window will open that will allow us to search for the news by keywords.

Install Feedly Mini to have Feedly on all web pages

An extension for Google Chrome is very useful if we want to have the Feedly functions on any web page.

feedly mini

Once we have installed it from the Google Chrome Store, a sidebar will appear that will allow us to add the website we are visiting , as well as add the articles to the Read Later and Favorites list.

Change the appearance of Feedly with themes

Even in the Free version, Feedly includes several options to change the appearance of the web. These are found in the same Options menu mentioned above; specifically, in the Settings and Appearance option .

change topic feedly

Within this same option we can change the font, its size, the color of the sidebar and many other aspects of the interface.

Commands and keyboard shortcuts for Feedly

The great potential of Feedly comes from its commands and keyboard shortcuts. Thanks to these, we can access certain sections of the web without having to do it manually .

We leave you with a list of all Feedly keyboard commands:

Commands for Lists

  • N : select the next item
  • Q : select the previous article
  • J : open next article
  • K : open the previous article
  • Or : open or close the selected article
  • V : open the original article in a new tab
  • Shift + G : mark all articles as read

Commands for navigation

  • A : update the feed
  • GM : go to Today section
  • GA : go to the All section
  • / Key : go to the Explore section
  • GL : go to Saved For Later section
  • Shift + J : go to the next feed category
  • GG : all created categories are displayed

Commands for selecting items

  • M : mark an article as read or unread
  • X : minimize an article
  • Shift + V : Preview an article
  • S : save an article to read later
  • L : share an article on LinkedIn
  • F : share an article on Facebook
  • T : share an article on Twitter
  • B : share an article through Buffer

Best extensions to get the most out of Feedly

Multicolumn for Feedly

If there is something that Feedly stands out for, it is because it is compatible with third-party extensions. As usual, they are only compatible with the Google Chrome browser .

We leave you with some of the best known:

  • Feedly Notifier: notifies us of new news through a small icon in the toolbar
  • Feedly Plus: add useful features to the Free version without going through the box
  • Feedly Subscribe Button: includes a button on web pages to subscribe to the feed of the page in question
  • SmartNews: add a button in Feedly with the news that have the most likes
  • Multicolumn for Feedly: separate articles into multiple columns to enhance your viewing on small screens

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