How to connect a wireless headset to an old TV without Bluetooth


Your TV doesn't have Bluetooth? Don't worry, if it's the only thing you miss, you don't have to buy a new TV to get a pair of wireless headphones connected to your current TV. We have found the solution you needed for about 40 euros . All you need is this Avantree device and your TV to have a standard headphone output or RCA audio output. Here we explain how this solution works.

A few weeks ago we ran into the same problem that you probably have with your current television. In our case, a Samsung Smart TV from a few years ago that continues to work without problems. Although it is not 4K (far from 8K), it has enough high definition quality to enjoy movies and series. It has its most common applications to directly access Netflix, YouTube, Filmin and others. It is true that a few weeks ago the ATRESPlayer app mysteriously disappeared, but there the Atresmedia people with their decision to withdraw it from old models.

The only thing we missed was being able to connect a wireless Bluetooth headset to the TV to be able to watch TV without disturbing others. And here the device could not provide any solution because it does not have a Bluetooth connection that works. So we were looking at possible solutions on the Internet, on Amazon and studying the pros and cons.

How to connect a wireless headset to an old TV without Bluetooth 1

Finally after reading numerous options and opinions, we decided on a device called Avantree Priva III. At first it seemed like the solution we were looking for. It is a small device the size of a somewhat thick medal. With few buttons and three connections nothing more. From the description of the article we thought that it could be used to connect a Bluetooth headset through this device and this was the result.

Easy to install

What is most striking about the Avantree Priva III is how small it takes up and how easy it is to install. You just have to connect the cables already included with the box to the TV. There are two options for picking up the sound from the TV . Either by a headphone output with a 3.5 mm miniJack. Come on, the standard headphone output of numerous devices. Or an RCA audio output , that output that is actually two connectors, one white (or black) and the other red.

How to connect a wireless headset to an old TV without Bluetooth 2

That said, it is connected by either of these two audio output options from the TV to the device. And it's done with the cables that are already included in the box , so you don't have to buy more cables. The other connection to make is from the Avantre Priva III USB cable to a USB port . Here there are also two options, the most comfortable is to connect it to a USB port that the television has itself. So everything is within reach and is more collected. If the TV does not have a USB input, you can also connect this USB cable to a power outlet charger. Although for this the plug has to be close to the TV. If this is not the case, here the USB cable that comes in the box is short so a longer standard USB cable would be needed.

And ready. From there, the Avantree Priva III device picks up the sound from the TV and emits it through its own Bluetooth. That is, it acts as a Bluetooth transmitter so that another device such as a wireless headset can connect to this wireless signal.

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At this time, the question we had was, if the headphones do not have an app to manage their connections and this Avantree device does not either, how am I going to be able to pair them? Well, the solution is very simple. The Avantree Priva III has a large button that fills the entire top of the device . Just press it to wait to pair with another device. The same will happen with the Bluetooth headphones that we have. They usually have a button with the Bluetooth icon that you just have to press to find another device to connect to. We did so and in a matter of seconds we had headphones connected and this new Avantree device.

The next thing was to check if the audio came through without delay. We did not want to see the lips of the actors of the series move on one side and the sound with their dialogues arriving on the other side, seconds later. In this case, both for a television antenna signal, such as Netflix, YouTube and a connected external USB pin, everything arrives in perfect synchronization. This is possible, because the Avantree Priva III offers a Bluetooth low latency service (aptX low latency) and we have used a wireless headset, also compatible with this Bluetooth. In case we do not have a wireless headset with this feature, we can achieve the same result by using conventional wired headphones and connecting them to a second Avantree device, in this case, which is a low latency receiver (Avantree Lock).

In any case, in our case we have not had to resort to this solution. And the result has been positive, fast and without complications. Some inconvenience? Yes one. Well, rather two. That when we have finished using the headphones and we have wanted to hear the sound through the TV speakers again, in the case of this TV, it was not enough to turn off the headphones . Nor by placing the Avantree's power switch in off mode. We have tested all of this, but the TV was still connected to a headphone sound output. And is that to switch to the TV speaker mode we have no choice but to disconnect the cable that we had from the Avantree Priva III with the TV. And when we said two drawbacks it is because well, it would not be bad if this solution had a cheaper price . But you can't ask for everything. Or if?