Translate One2One, a translator headset that translates into 8 languages ​​in real time

Translate One2One, a translator headset that translates into 8 languages ​​in real time

In an increasingly globalized world, the application of technology to instant translation has become one of the great demands of the public. Both for leisure and work, the different products that have been presented free the user from having to know different languages when traveling the world.

One of those that we got to know during 2017 was Translate One2One, from the Australian company Lingmo International. Its main feature is that it allows simultaneous translation of up to 8 languages without depending on a Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

Through only a SIM card, this headset uses its built-in microphone to listen to the voice of whoever is in front of us and thus carry out a translation in real time. Of course, the language selection has to be made by the user, it is not automatic.

The languages ​​it recognizes are: Arabic, Mandarin, English (American and British), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish . With this selection, we can travel safely throughout much of Europe, the US and Japan, some of the main destinations for tourism and work.

Two-way translation

The idea behind this Translate One2One is to allow two people who speak different languages ​​to understand each other automatically. Therefore, the product is designed to be used with two units , one, the main one, which is the one that uses the SIM card, and a secondary one that does not need it.

In this way, we will not only be carrying out a one-sided translation, but the two people will be able to understand each other completely in the conversation. If we want, we can only use one of the two devices , in case we only need to understand but not necessarily be understood.

In addition, through the history system, we will have at hand a written transcript of the conversations we have had recently , which is really useful if we want to review some specific detail of a conversation that has already passed.

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We have tried to find references to the use of this device in our country, opinions in forums or reviews in magazines. However, we have not been able to find more than some theoretical discussion about its possible usefulness. We therefore assume that its scope, at least in Spain, will have been limited .

However, if we visit the official website of the product, it seems that the stocks produced are already sold out . This may be a promotional maneuver, but we do not rule out the possibility that Translate One2One has had commercial repercussions, even if it was outside our borders.

In fact, the same website announces that it is already working on the next version of the terminal . If we are interested in getting it, Lingmo has set up a registration system to access the pre-sale of the product, estimated for mid-2018.

The original product was sold for the equivalent of 190 euros for the pack of two units, main and secondary, and about 150 for the main unit only . We will see if the new edition maintains prices, seeks to become more competitive or, vice versa, implies greater investment.

Reasonable doubts

In the absence of data to confirm the usefulness of this device, it seems clear that the work of interpreter and translator is not yet in danger . There are many pending questions regarding the operation of these products, about the range and reliability of your microphone, whether it will recognize dialects or words outside the dictionary or autonomy, a vital issue if we are traveling abroad.