Memes, GIFs and congratulations to celebrate a happy new year 2020


The new year 2020 is here . You better get all the memes, GIFs and congratulations to have on hand on New Years Eve and New Years. If you will not look bad with your family and friends, and starting the new year on the wrong foot does not bode well at all. Also, what does it cost you to remember your friends, family and co-workers? Nothing. And even less if we collect some congratulations accounts for you to share en masse through WhatsApp. We are not going to judge you, we all do.

Happy 2020

If you want to have a quick answer on hand for New Years greetings, save this GIF for yourself. You can make a long press on the animated image and then click on Download image to save it in the mobile gallery. So you will share it with all those you want quickly. It is helpful, simple and very festive. Champagne, fireworks and a happy new year 2020 message. What else do you need?

Memes, GIFs and congratulations to celebrate a happy 2020 year 1


Toast to love, toast to money. Or toast to have both. We are not going to judge how you get them. Here there are already people who have a clear path ...


good wishes

If what you want is a nice congratulation for 2020, best wishes with this text to send by WhatsApp. Copy and paste this text.

May this 2020 have twice the love and affection that came to you in 2019. But only half the worries. Multiply the pain and losses by zero, and divide the things that complicate your life. Just remember to join your year. See you in 2020.

More trips for this 2020

And if you want a more personalized and thematic greeting, do not hesitate to send this GIF. It is the most direct in this of the trips. You want a year full of journeys. Of course, only if this environment and sustainability matters little to you. Remember that air travel is more polluting.

Memes, GIFs and congratulations to celebrate a happy 2020 year 2

When 2019 has not been good, but 2020 does not look better

Perhaps this 2019 has not been your best year. And although what seems to be coming in 2020 is not better, you always have to take it with humor. In this meme it is represented perfectly, almost with physical pain. Of course, you better laugh at the situation, or you will spend the year bitter.

feliz años / happy new year #newyear # 2019 # 2020 #xmas #christmas #viral #random #humor #meme

- Release (@luis_release) December 23, 2019

Good intentions

Another message that you can share this 2020. Keep it in mind, and above all take it with humor:

This year 2020 run and chase your dreams. If you do not reach them at least you will lose weight 😛

I wish you riches

Have you spent 2019 working like a beast? Well, dedicate this GIF to those people you want to have a 2020 full of successes. Or, at least, wealth. Simple, direct and with good intentions.

Memes, GIFs and congratulations to celebrate a happy 2020 year 3

Pure math

Let there be laughter in 2020. Nor in 2021. And the approach of this meme could not be more logical. Think about it ... And above all, use it to send it this new year or tonight. You sure get a few laughs.

pure math

So will 2020

Be careful with this greeting to send as a text by WhatsApp. Surely you feel identified or identified:

Next year will be the year of consumerism.

Everyone will continue with the same car,

with the same salary,

with the same mobile ...

Happy New Year!

A classic

No one like DiCaprio to wish you a prosperous 2020. A toast to all the good that is yet to come. For remembering that person. For wanting to maintain the relationship for the next twelve months at least. Chin Chin.

Memes, GIFs and congratulations to celebrate a happy 2020 year 4

No more food please

Even squirrels, who always look to the future, don't want more food this Christmas. Enough of copious meals. But the worst thing is not the New Year's Eve dinner 2019. The worst thing is that there is still the New Year's meal of 2020. And if you refine your nose a bit, surely you will start to smell the roscón de reyes ...

no more food