How to fix a broken or loose key on a keyboard

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We know that under the title of this tutorial there are hundreds of nuances. Some will seek to replace the part of that wireless keyboard that in an oversight ended up on the ground. Others will eagerly seek how to remove those remains of god knows what from under that key that creaks every time it is pressed. Those from beyond wonder why the key in question does not respond in the least ...

Behind all these insights there are a couple of very basic and quick tricks . In this scheme, only three components come into play, of which only two are pieces that you can put on and remove with the help of a tool as common as a flat-blade screwdriver.

The first is the bra . It is the piece that serves as a link between the key (or button) and the keyboard. The mobile element that is cushioned with each press that is anchored to the keyboard and that is attached to the key with tiny tabs. The other is the key itself, that square with the number, letter or turn icon.

One of the main reasons why a key does not usually work properly when pressed is because the key has moved and is not properly inserted in the holder or, on the contrary, the holder has moved from its original position .

Removing the key is insultingly easy. You just have to take a head screwdriver of the right size to insert it between the key and the keyboard. Without fear, insert it and pry gently but firmly. The key will pop out easily. If you are one of those who has (unintentionally) accumulated dirt between the key and the bra, you just have to clean the area and voila. To put the piece back on, all you have to do is place it on the bra and press until you hear a small click that confirms that everything is back in place.

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If on the contrary, if your problem is in the bra, the solution is to buy a new key . Normally, this should come with its corresponding new bra . In a similar process to the previous one, you must first place the bra over the key hole and push gently and firmly until each of the four tabs fits perfectly. Once inserted, you follow the previous step and place the piece and that's it.

If your computer is Apple brand , the key structure is basically the same. You only need a finer instrument to separate the key and handle them with more care. In this case, when it is extracted, the hinge that connects it to the keyboard will also come out . Remove it from the key and snap it back onto the keyboard base. After this and with the same smoothness, reattach it until that click sounds.

Note: some high-end brands do not sell official spare parts for their keys . At best, they charge a flat fee for keyboard replacement in the case of laptops. Buying a new one is the solution they offer you for the desktop. However, it is easy to get hold of "fakes" with a quick internet search.