27 Telegram bots that help you every day

27 Telegram bots that help you on a daily basis

Telegram is a messaging application that has been on the market for many years, and that has been a pioneer in many aspects. In this article we will talk about one of the most interesting features of Telegram with bots, which can help us to perform a multitude of tasks in a very simple way.

What are Telegram bots

Telegram bots are small programs designed to help users perform all kinds of tasks. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of television, since these boats are not available on other messaging platforms, such as the all-powerful WhatsApp.

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Telegram bots work like a private conversation, many of them include instructions that you can consult to learn how to handle it in a faster and easier way. The bots are compatible with all versions of Telegram , including mobile applications and also the service for computers.

The best free bots for Telegram

Next, we leave you a list of the 27 Telegram bots, which we found the most interesting. You can use these bots as easily as tapping on their name, although you can also locate them in the search engine integrated into Telegram.

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@pronunciationbot: it is a forest we can use to convert texts to audios in a total of 84 different languages. A very interesting feature of this bot is that we can use it in private conversation mode, although we can also integrate it into a group, to facilitate communication with people who speak other languages.

@ytaudiobot: this bot allows you to download music from YouTube just by putting the link of the video in question. The bot will download the audio file in MP3 format, so it takes up very little space.

@wikipedia_voice_bot: a very interesting bot for Wikipedia fans , since it allows us to consult the encyclopedia very quickly from the Telegram application itself.

@AmazonGlobalBot: this is a bot that has been created for fans of shopping within Amazon . It allows us to keep track of the price of any product, so we can know when is the perfect time to buy it.

@WeatherMan: you can use this bot to know in a very simple way the weather forecast for the next 5 days in your city.

@vkm_bot: another very very interesting to download music from the Internet using Telegram. You can search the songs by author and some.

@my_channels_feed_bot: this bot will allow you to receive the publications of all the selected channels in a single channel, something very practical to have the information gathered.

@alertBot: this bot allows you to set an alarm on the date and time you want.

@TheFeedReaderBot: it is a very simple and practical RSS reader that is integrated into the Telegram application.

@Gifbot: Are you looking for a GIF ? This bot will allow you to find it in a few seconds.

@ImageBot: a bot very similar to the previous one, but in this case to search for images related to a keyword.

@topdf_bot: a bot that allows you to convert files in the .doc, .txt, .odt, .txt or .jpg format to PDF, something very useful.

@AndyRobot: Do you want to practice your English? Here you have a virtual English teacher , which you can use to have long conversations that will help you practice and improve your level in this language.

@pollbot: this bot is very useful for creating polls in groups, in this way you can make decisions in a more democratic way and without calling themselves a dictator.

@Stickers: a very interesting bot for the most creative, since it will allow us to very easily create our own set of stickers for Telegram.

@NowTrendingBot: Use this bot to find out the trend on platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo.

@memingbot: this is a bot created to write with a great sense of humor. You can use it to generate images to share in your Telegram chats in a few seconds. If you like memes, don't miss the opportunity to try it.

@storebot: this is a bot hunter, a tool that you can use to discover the appearance of new bots within Telegram.

@netflixnewsbot: Are you a Netflix user ? Discover all the news of the streaming platform par excellence thanks to this Telegram bot.

@botfather: a bot for creating bots , designed to make the task easier for users without programming knowledge.

@HangBot: a bot based on the mythical Hangman game . You will have to figure out the word by putting letters in turns, each time you do it, you will take na life. It is available in several languages, including Spanish.

@VidBot: this is a bot that you can use with all your chats to search and share all kinds of videos directly in the chat. It is compatible with a multitude of services, including YouTube.

@AllWallpaperBot this is a bot that will allow you to search for all kinds of images on the Internet to use as wallpaper. Something very simple but that will help you change the look of your mobile faster and easier.

@Zodiac: Do you like the horoscope ? You can use this great bot to know your astrological forecast for the day.

@imdb: a bot created for movie lovers , you can use it to consult all the available data about the movie you are thinking of going to see.

@pandaquizesbot: This bot is a game of trivial that comes with more than 2000 different questions. Without a doubt, it is an excellent way to spend free time with your friends and family.

@ytranslatebot: it is a translator developed by Yandex , you can use it to write your texts in a large number of languages.

@todotask_bot: an ideal bot for the most clueless, since you can create a list of all your tasks, so that Telegran can remind you of them.

These are the Telegram bots that we found the most interesting. Do you want to add one to the list? Remember that you can share the post on social networks to help more users.