How to avoid being tagged in a photo on Facebook

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We all have that heavy friend who can't stop compulsively labeling everything. And you, who are suspicious of your privacy and do not like that hundreds of unknown people know about your daily chores , you are tired of putting up with your presence in all kinds of snapshots. Photos, memories, visits to places ... Everything is susceptible to being tagged . Since no one likes to waste hours undoing the mess of your friend, we leave you a short guide for you to configure Facebook in such a way that no one else can ever tag you in a photo.

Note: These instructions are only used to prevent people from tagging you and getting annoying notifications. What you can't do anything against is uploading your photos to Facebook. Just ask the owner of the account in question, directly, to delete the photo.

How to avoid being tagged in a Facebook photo

Step 1 : Once inside your profile, access " Settings " (you can find it by pressing the arrow on the top right ).

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Step 2 : Next, access the tab " Biography and labeling " that you can find in the left side menu of your screen.

Step 3 : Here the really interesting begins. Here are seven configuration keys in which you can establish different criteria to increase your privacy . Especially in relation to labeling .

First you find who can post on your timeline . This refers to allowing your friends to write on your wall. Below this is the option Do you want to review the publications in which your friends tag you before they appear in your bio? By activating this function you will see a new button on your profile with which to manually approve or reject the inclusion of photos. This will appear in your bio in the menu on the left and will send you notifications whenever you have a pending approval request. In this same section, Facebook already warns that even if you reject the tagging, this photo will still be uploaded to the social network .

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Facebook also allows a stranger ("others" in Facebook lingo) to tag you. In the same menu there is a tab with the name  Do you want to check the tags that others add to your publications before they appear on Facebook? Likewise, if you enable this tab, you will have the opportunity to review the content posted by a Facebook user before it is published. Once the tagging is approved, it will be seen by the friends of the person who tagged you.

Just below, in the section  When you are tagged in a publication, who do you want to add to the public that sees it, if they are not already included? You have the option to customize who will see the photo in addition to the people who are already viewing it. That is, who of your friends on Facebook will be able to see the publication. Select just me if you want no one to see it. You also have the option to customize it, in which you can manually include the contacts that you do not want  to see the content.

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How to untag a photo on Facebook

If when you get to this article it is already late and you do not know how to undo the tagging, you just have to go to the photo in question and at the bottom of it, click on the Options tab and Delete Tag will appear there .

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