The most hilarious GIFs to celebrate the New Year 2020 on WhatsApp

The most hilarious GIFs to celebrate the New Year 2020 on WhatsApp

Every year the same. And it is over. Yes, the year is over and another begins and begins again with the usual routine. Congratulations, good wishes, the list of resolutions for the year ... As good animals of customs and traditions, we always repeat the same acts, year after year, with the same objective: to wish everyone (and us) the best of luck, May all of our dreams and all that set of set phrases with which we usually adorn these days come true next year.

And true to our annual appointment, we could not miss the special GIF to congratulate the New Year 2020 on WhatsApp. A series of funny GIFs with which to share laughter and good intentions in your family group or of WhatApp friends. It is very easy to share these GIFs, you just have to open this special one on your mobile and press and hold the GIF for a few seconds, to save it within the memory of your mobile. Next, open WhatsApp and find the GIF to share. It's that simple!

The funniest end of the year GIFs to share on WhatsApp

Happy new year with dogs

Any GIF is much better with dogs and cats. And this could not be missed, a corgi that celebrates the fall of the confetti as if there were no tomorrow. Share the corgi GIF to have a new year full of health and happiness!

gif 01

And happy New Year with cats

These cats already seem to have finished the party and, for them, either January 1 well into the morning. In a few hours they will wake up and have a big hangover. Nothing that a good bowl of meat and lots of water does not remedy it.

gif 02

The party is in full swing

No one is going to stop you tonight. You are with the people you love, the music is thunderous and the bar is free. And free as it is, it can become dangerous. If you have paid for a party with an open bar, try to alternate drinks with water or soft drinks because, if not, the first day of the year is going to be very difficult. That you are no longer 20 years old!

gif 03

The prefiesta, sometimes, is cooler

If you are lucky enough to be part of a family that knows how to have a good time, or you have decided to eat the grapes in the company of your gang, you will already know that, sometimes, the party you throw at home is more cool than the one you later find at the street. One of the funniest moments is when it's time to open the cava. Be careful with the stopper, do not jump anyone's eye!

gif 04

Yes, cool, but watch out

gif 16

Children think differently

Of course, it is a different night and the children can go to bed later. But let's face it, there comes a time when the fun is over and the picture is pretty much like the GIF. So, if you have nephews who are still young to go out, send them the GIF, they will surely feel identified.

gif 06

Goodbye 2019, goodbye

Let's see, hilarious, what is said is hilarious, it is not, but the animation has been quite effective for us to say goodbye to the year and receive the new one that is coming. And if the recipient of the GIF has to go abroad, you will have killed two birds with one stone. To your brother who is going on Erasmus, a friend who emigrates ...

gif 07

For what you love most, don't forget the grapes

To the beach without the towel and New Year's Eve without the grapes. What if the prawns, the cava, the turkey, the nougat, the party bag so that whoever has to clean the next day shouts to heaven ... but have you forgotten the grapes? Run to the supermarket and hopefully you can still buy the five dozen you need. These cats have not been forgotten, although I do not think they will not eat them ...

gif 09

Save on the New Year's Eve party

Do you have a cotillion party but there is no open bar? Are we almost on January 1 and you still haven't received your payroll? Or, even worse .. are you autonomous? You will have no other solution than to grab a flask and carry it a little 'strangled' at the party. But be careful, they are not going to catch you, it is not going to be that they throw you out and you stay composed and without a girlfriend.

gif 10

After the flask, good perreo

The flask is in the middle and, sober, you tend to be a very shy person. Dancing is not for you, going out to party is hard for you and, if you are the first at a party, you have a really bad time because it is difficult for you to socialize with strangers. But, I repeat, the flask is already half. And suddenly, you become the GIF dog. Come on, give it your all!

gif 11

And after the perreo ...

The flask has already fallen. What's more, you keep going to the bar to order drinks and if you don't put a stop to the situation, you'll end up without brakes. Look if not in the following GIF. You have at least two alternatives: be one of the two girls who continues to dance, having a great time, or you can be the guy in the background who, let's put it like this, that balance thing doesn't suit him. It's in your hand!

gif 12

Beware of going home

… Because the devil carries it. You go back to your friends and nothing, you end up messing it up in the portal. You don't care if it's nine in the morning, it's January 1 and it seems like anything goes. The neighbors have come out to see what the fuss that has formed on the landing is. And it's you, who ended up with your side on the ground because you saw the thing about throwing yourself off the back of the stairs well. Good for you.

gif 14

First of all ... happy 2020!

All these GIFs are used for nothing other than to make the person you share a smile with. Wishing the good is something that we should do not only at the end of the year, but every day of our lives, especially to the people who are closest to us. Therefore, from your expert, we wish you a 2020 full of happiness and health, good times and that, under no circumstances, no one makes you feel bad for any reason. Let's build friendships that are worthwhile. Happy 2020!

gif 15