Samsung Galaxy A70: this is what it costs to change your screen

Samsung Galaxy A70

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy A70 is one of the best-selling mobiles in Spain during 2019. You just have to use Amazon to find out the number of opinions and real comments from users about the device. In percentage terms, it is also one of the phones that suffers the most accidents, with all that this entails. Repairing the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is not that expensive compared to the Galaxy S10. Let's see its repair price in the official Samsung technical service and other online stores.

How much does it cost to repair the Samsung Galaxy A70 screen in 2020

There are numerous possibilities if we want to change the screen of the Galaxy A70. We can, for example, use the official Samsung service or a third-party store. The difference between one option and the other is that while the first makes use of original components to replace the screen, the second uses compatible components, with all that this entails .


The price if we opt for the Samsung service is 120 euros, LCD and touch glass included . The maximum repair time is three business days, and we can go to any of the authorized stores that the company has deployed throughout Spain.

  • Access Samsung technical service

In case of deciding on third-party stores, the price does not vary too much. The price of Phone House, for example, the price is 119 euros. The latter is certified by Samsung, so it will use original components . The full warranty is one year.

Do we prefer other stores? Mobile Repair and iRepair Phone offer repair services for 125 euros each, with a six-month warranty and 12 euros for shipping costs.

How much does it cost to change the screen of the Galaxy A70 by myself

If we decide to replace the screen ourselves, we can turn to stores such as AliExpress or eBay, where the price varies depending on the quality of the panel. Most of these panels, however, are compatible, not original. This will influence the final quality of the same, both in the image and in the finishes and shock resistance.


  • Option 1 : 130 euros
  • Option 2 : 115 euros
  • Option 3 : 136 euros


  • Option 1 : 58 euros
  • Option 2 : 98 euros
  • Option 3 : 59 euros