▷ I've been scammed on Wallapop, now what?

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Wallapop, like any second-hand market, is not without its scams and scams. In previous articles, more than two hundred users have commented on their experiences with this type of practice. It's a fact: there is no common method to avoid falling for fraudulent offers or fake sellers. The security forces always recommend reporting these cases. But what if we have already been ripped off? Is there any possibility of recovering the money or the product sold? We see it below.

The first step: report the ad or user on Wallapop

So is. From the platform itself we can report the user or advertisement through the application's own options. In either case, the way to proceed is really simple: just click on the three points on the top bar of the interface and then select the option to Report ad or Report user .

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Do not delete any conversation or graphic document: any evidence can be essential to report the case to the authorities.

From now on the Wallapop team will go into action. Most likely, both elements are locked to prevent other users from falling for the same ruse. Before proceeding with the complaint, however, it is recommended to do what we will explain below.

Capture all conversations and collect any information

Gathering evidence is the most important step before taking the case before law enforcement. From some specialized sources it is recommended to gather all kinds of documentation and graphic information about the user or the advertisement.

Screenshots of conversations, email addresses, linked web pages, product photos, phone numbers, postal addresses, bank account numbers and more. Any one of these tests is enough for the authorities to start investigating the case, especially if we want to speed up execution times. After all, it is very likely that the Telematic Crimes Unit will require this type of information from Wallapop .

Contact your bank to file a claim

Bank or service with which we have made the payment. Depending on the conditions of the contract, we may receive financial compensation for fraud after filing a complaint through the Civil Guard or the National Police.

How to claim in PayPal if you have been scammed 3

Is there a way to cancel a bank transfer? The truth is that it does: only if one business day has passed since the date of completion if it has been done telepathically or two if it has been done through a bank branch . In the case of PayPal, the support team will only accept claims in the event that the transfers have been made through the payment method of the product or service. If we have made the payment through the Friends, family and acquaintances option, it is most likely that we will not receive a response.

Report the case to the Telematic Crimes Group

Before submitting the case to the authorities, it is best to register all possible information in the Telematic Crimes Group through the Civil Guard website. We can access through this link.

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Once inside the platform we will have to describe the entire process with the maximum level of detail possible and attach graphic documentation if required. The complaint , in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law,  requires the appearance of the complainant or his legal representative, in a court or police center , where his identity must be proven. This means that the complaint will have no validity if we do not appear at a police station or Civil Guard barracks.

And go to the Civil Guard with a copy of the complaint

The last step to formalize the complaint is neither more nor less than to appear in a Civil Guard barracks to raise the case to the authorities . If we have reported the crime on the Civil Guard page we will have to attach the form that will be generated when filling in the web form along with our documentation (ID, passport, residence card, etc.).

From now on the security forces will begin to investigate the case. The execution time may vary depending on the severity of the events and the amount owed . Let us remember that amounts less than 400 euros represent a minor theft offense in judicial terms. Any amount greater than this figure will be considered a felony. Unfortunately, we cannot set any minimum or maximum term, as it may fluctuate depending on the municipality and the saturation of the different services.

Is there a way to get the money or the product back if I have been scammed?

We regret to say that the chances of recovering money or items sold through the application are very low. The main reason is because these types of scams are forged in foreign countries where the European Union does not have a judicial consensus . Countries like Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria ...

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Regardless of whether the scam has been forged inside or outside of Spain, it is likely that the scammer has concealed his identity with false names and postal addresses that do not correspond to his address . To this is added that the execution times with which the Spanish Justice currently operates are quite long: from a few months to one or two years in the worst case.

The last aspect to mention has to do with the penalties that the current Law contemplates today regarding theft. If the amount does not exceed 400 euros, the Justice does not consider this fact as a crime, but as a minor offense. Otherwise, the maximum penalties range from three to twelve months in prison or work for the benefit of the community from thirty-one to ninety days. All this concludes in what we have been saying from the beginning: it is most likely that we will not be able to recover the money or item stolen.