How to change the password of your Google account from your mobile or PC

How to change the password of your Google account from your mobile or PC

Do you want to change the password of your Google account? Perhaps you have received a notice that someone wants to enter your Google account. Or it is simply to avoid security problems, since it is recommended to change the password of each of our accounts from time to time, and avoid entering personal data or basic passwords. The Google account is one of the most important, since it is used to synchronize all the applications and services of the company. Even third party services too. We show you how you can change the password easily and through mobile or PC.

To change the password from the Google account on mobile, you must go to the settings of your device. After. Access Google and click on the option that says 'Manage your Google account'. Next, scroll to the 'Security' section. This is where we will begin the process to change the password. In the section 'Sign in to Google', we will click on the first option, the one that says 'Password'. Here we can see when the last modification was. In my case in September 2014, so it is time to change it. It will ask us to log into the account as an extra security measure, we will only have to put our current password. Then we just have to write the new password and repeat it. Google gives us some security measures: use at least 9 characters and avoid common names or those related to our relatives, pets or any other password that may be too obvious. I advise to include special characters and numbers for greater security. Once changed, different options will appear to review the security of our account, such as access to third parties or the methods to verify our identity in the case of forgetting the password.

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If you have an iPhone or iPad, the method is somewhat different. We will have to access Gmail. If you don't have it on your mobile you can download it from the App Store for free. Then go to Menu> Settings. S choose the account where you want to change the password. Click on the first option, the one that says 'Manage your Google account'. Scroll down to the 'Security' section and click on 'Password'. Log back into your Google account and change the password.

Change password for Gmail and others from my PC

If you want to change the password of your Google account from a computer, you will have to access the administration page of your account. You can enter from here. Then , click on the 'Security' option and in the 'Sign in to Google' section, click on 'Password'. Afterwards, it will ask you for your password again and you will be able to access the area to change it. Then the different options will appear to increase the security of your account, such as access to third-party services and others.

It is likely that, after changing the password for your Google account, you will have to log in to the different devices that you had configured. For a greater security measure, it is recommended to eliminate or limit access to those devices that you no longer use or that other users may use. Also avoid connecting to public networks or logging in with your account in services that are not trusted, such as registering to access a portal with free Wi-Fi. It is also recommended to add different security methods, such as Google's two-step verification.This method adds extra security when logging into a new device or service. It will ask for your password and send a code to another terminal where you have your Google account configured. For example, your computer. Also through an SMS or even a call. Thus, if someone accesses with your password, they will find this extra and it will be more difficult for them to access.