FIY, ASAP, LOL, XD, OMG, and other internet abbreviations you should know

FIY, ASAP, LOL, XD, OMG, and other internet abbreviations you should know

The use of abbreviations is common on the Internet, especially among younger users. FIY, ASAP, LOL, XD, or OMG are just a few examples of the most popular abbreviations. In this article we compile a list with the most used abbreviations in social networks and the Internet in general, so that you do not have problems when it comes to recognizing any of them, and knowing what they mean.


It is the acronym for "For Your Information", which can be translated into Spanish as " For your information ". It is an abbreviation that is used a lot in working documents, although in the Internet world we can also find it with a tone more similar to "just so you know."


XD abbreviation

LOL is the acronym for the English expression Laughing out loud or Laugh out loud. This can be translated as "laugh out loud" or " laugh out loud ." It is used primarily on social media to express laughter and amazement.


ASAP is the acronym for "As Soon As Possible" and means " As soon as possible ." Expression is often used to ask someone for something that we want to provide it to us quickly.


AFK is the acronym for “Away From Keyboard”, this means that the user is not in front of the computer, even if the session is started. It is used mostly in chats.


These acronyms correspond to "Be Right Back" or "Now I'm back." It is used in chats to indicate to the other person that we have to be absent for a short period of time and that we will return soon.


IMO is short for “In my opinion”. It translates as " In my opinion " and is used when we want to give our point of view about something.


omg abbreviation

Another abbreviation of an English expression, in this case "Oh my God", which comes to mean "Oh my God!" It is an expression used to express surprise at something.


A few acronyms that refer to "Thanks", which simply means "Thank you."


TBD is the acronym for “To Be Defined”, it is used to express that something “is not yet defined”, it is usually used especially in work environments to refer to projects.


XOXO means hugs and kisses . It is not an abbreviation or an acronym. The most widespread theory is that the X symbolizes the shape of the lips when kissing, and that the O signifies the shape that two people take embracing.


XD abbreviation

XD is an emoticon widely used to express laughter or laughter. If you look closely you will see that the X represents closed eyes and the D an open mouth.


It is short for LinkedIn.


It means "Laughing My Ass Off", translated as breaking your ass with laughter. It is used when we want to make it clear that something has made us very funny.


ROFL means "Rolling On Floor Laughing", to roll on the floor with laughter . It is located one step above the previous one.


This abbreviation means "No Problem", it is used to indicate that what they are telling us is OK.


It means "Not Safe For Work", which means that the information is not safe to be in your workplace because you can have problems if your boss discovers it.


It is the abbreviation of "Please", it is used to ask someone for a favor. It is also sometimes abbreviated as PS.


It means "Timeline", it refers to the main page of our social networks. It is often used to indicate someone to read something or leave a comment.


Its meaning is "Too Much Information", it means that we have been told too much in a short period of time.


wtf abbreviation

WTF stands for "What The Fuck", an expression that we can subtly translate as "But what the hell?" It is used a lot on social media to express surprise, amazement or outrage.


It is short for Twitter.


It means “retweet”, it translates as “Forward a tweet”.


They are the abbreviations of “modified tweet” or “modified tweet”.


These acronyms correspond to “Partial retweet”. It means that the tweet that is sent is shortened by the user.


Acronym for “direct message” or “Direct message”.


They are the abbreviations of "Trending topic", which represents the current topic in a social network.


It is short for Hashtag, the most popular symbol on Twitter.


It is the abbreviation of WhatsApp.


It is used to indicate that you have saved the content that someone has published so that you can read it later.


It is short for YouTube.


It is one of the most famous abbreviations, it is used to indicate that you like something very much. You can add zeros to it to add emphasis (+ 1000…).


They are the acronyms of "Best Friends Forever" or "Best Friends Forever".


It means "By The Way", it is used to add something that we have forgotten or clarify something.


It is an abbreviation that means " With Copy to ..."


It is the abbreviation of email or electronic mail.


It is short for Facebook.


It is short for Instagram.


ADV is “Asco De Vida” and FML is “Fuck My Life”, it serves to express that something has not turned out as you expected, but worse .


It stands for Face To Face, it is used when you want to have that conversation face to face.


It means "Got To Go", I have to go.


It means "I Don't Know, it is used to indicate that you don't know something


This abbreviation means "In My Humble Opinion" or in my humble opinion. It is used when you want to give a personal point of view about something


It means "In Real Life", it is used to emphasize that what you are telling has happened in real life.

J / K

JK abbreviation

It is the acronym for "Just Kidding", it is used to specify that it is only a joke .


It is short for "Also Known as", which means that something is "also known as".


PS is the acronym for "Playstation", Sony's game console.


XB is the acronym for Xbox, the Micrsoft game console.

Our compilation of the most used abbreviations in the Internet world ends here, we hope you find it very useful. You can leave a comment if you have any questions, or if you want to add an abbreviation that we have left.