How to connect the Chromecast, step by step guide

How to connect the Chromecast, step by step guide

Chromecast is a small accessory that allows users to enjoy their movies, TV shows, photos or any type of audiovisual content directly on their HDTV, through their smartphones and web applications. It also allows you to enjoy some Android games, make slide shows, and much more. In this article we will see how to install a Chromecast step by step .

Everything you need to start using Chromecast on your TV

Chromecast supports all major mobile devices . This includes Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Windows laptops, Mac, Linux, and Pixelbooks.

It does not require a remote control and allows you to browse content, control playback and volume directly from your mobile device.

Chromecast also automatically updates to its latest version of the software, allowing you to work with the latest applications.

The first thing you will need is a Chromecast device and a high definition television or any display device with HDMI support . Second, you need a mobile phone or tablet with the latest version of the Google Home app, a Google account, and a working Wi-Fi connection.

How to connect Chromecast to TV

Setting up the Chromecast only requires a few easy steps. The Chromecast box comes with a power supply for the device itself.

  1. The first step is to connect one end of the USB power cable to the Chromecast device, and the other end to the included power supply.
  2. Next, you must connect the Chromecast device to the HDMI port of your TV, and the power supply to an electrical outlet.

Once done, the TV will display a Chromecast splash screen. If it doesn't appear, press the 'Input' or 'Source' button on your TV remote control until it appears. The welcome screen will also display your Chromecast device number, which you will need later in the setup process.

How to set up the Chromecast step by step

Make sure you have your phone or tablet's WiFi enabled while you follow these steps.

Now that the Chromecast configuration has been done with the TV, you just have to open the “Google Home” application that you have previously downloaded on your mobile phone or tablet.

How to configure the Chromecast step by step 1

Once the application is open, it will ask you to select a Google account .

How to configure the Chromecast step by step 03

In the next step, the phone will display the available Chromecast devices to choose from. If you have several, you will have to select the device with the same number on the welcome screen. Press "Continue" to go to the next step.

How to configure the Chromecast step by step 4

The next screen will ask you to choose a Wi-Fi connection for the Chromecast device, select the same Wi-Fi network that you use on your phone and press ' Continue '.

After that, the TV will show a background image, the time and the name of your device, indicating that the Chromecast setup has completed successfully.

How to configure the Chromecast step by step 5

How to project the mobile screen on the TV after finishing the Chromecast setup

Once you've completed the Chromecast setup process, you can open any mobile app or your favorite video game on your phone, and cast the screen to the TV. Compatible apps will show a submit icon once you open them.

cast media to chromecast

This is it, it's that simple to enjoy all the benefits of a Chromecast.