Apps to recover deleted photos on Android

Apps to recover deleted photos on Android

Everyone knows that one of the worst things that can happen to us with our mobile phone is that we lose a photo that we had carefully saved in our gallery. Maybe because of the rush, maybe because they reminded us of something or someone, the truth is that we clicked in the wrong place and goodbye. Luckily, there are several ways to recover deleted photos or videos on Android devices , and best of all, they work.

In this article you will find a series of applications that will allow us to restore that photograph that we once deleted from our gallery, either by mistake or on purpose. However, as you can see in the following special, there is almost always a solution for everything.

Next, we collect  the best apps to recover deleted files, images and videos , as well as explaining in detail how to use each of them.



You will see this application in almost all the rankings of apps to recover deleted photos on Android . Without a doubt, a reference when it comes to recovering files, whether they were stored in the internal memory or on the memory card of our mobile.

Once we install DiskDigger on our device, we can analyze all our storage space in search of files  that have been deleted, and restore them to their original state. For this,  we do not need superuser permissions, or root access , which is a great advantage of this app. However, it is recommended for more exhaustive searches.

The downside is that, when doing such a detailed search, the complete history of all the deleted photos will be shown. In this way, if we had many images stored on the mobile, finding the one we were looking for will be a rather heavy task.

Not only that. If we have the free version, we will only recover a miniature version of the original photo , even if it was larger. Otherwise, we will have to go through the checkout. You can't have everything in this life ...

Even so, once we find the image in question, we can create a backup directly to our email or in the cloud , through Google Drive or Dropbox.



While Undeleter also analyzes your internal storage in depth. As a negative point, unlike the previous application, you will  need to have root access to be able to use it . This makes the task difficult for users without advanced knowledge.

As soon as we run the app we can enter a file name or segment the searches, for example, for all those deleted files with the .jpg extension. The good thing about the interface of this tool is the possibility of obtaining thumbnail views of all the files, for faster identification .

Once we have selected the images that we are interested in recovering, they will be sent by default to the '/ undeleter / recoveredfiles' folder. Of course, we can modify this path from the 'Settings' section to save these files in the folder we want.


Dumpster is a tool that allows you to analyze the internal memory in search of recently deleted files, to recover them without too much effort. Besides recovering deleted images and videos without root , Dumpster will also restore all supported image files and all types of data including SMS, call logs, audio notes or WhatsApp conversations. It will also destroy and delete files safely.

In case you are not completely convinced by now, this tool is completely free .

Now, keep in mind that Dumpster will be of great help to you from the moment you install the app . In other words, we are facing a kind of recycle bin that will keep all your deleted files intact until you empty the bin. Any document that we delete without having the application on our mobile, simply cannot be recovered, at least, with this tool. Sorry, but nothing is perfect.



Also known as 'Recover Deleted Pictures', a horrible name in our humble opinion. We are facing another totally free application with which we can recover deleted photos on Android . Precisely because it is free, the app is flooded with advertising, although it more than fulfills its function. This is not a recycle bin as in the previous case. It is an application capable of recovering photos, even those that have been deleted before the application has been installed.

It has a fairly simple interface , sometimes it even sins of giving us too little information. Don't worry, we will tell you how to deal with it.

From the main window, we have several sections in which we will see all those photos that have been deleted from our mobile . We will have to go  looking one by one until we find the photo in question, and click on the 'Restore' button.


EasyUs MobiSaver

We say goodbye to this special with an application  whose main attraction is its interface and the ease of use it offers . EasyUs MobiSaver is a simple but powerful tool with which any user can restore their files without problems and in a few steps.

First we must choose a recovery mode: 'Recover Photo & Video', 'Recover WhatsApp' and 'Other Solutions', in case we want to expand the registry. Next, the application will scan our device and dump the results found . These will appear as a thumbnail preview that includes file size and format information for images and videos.

After this process, we can filter the files to find the one we are looking for and, finally, select the 'Recover' option.