5 alternatives to Tor to navigate safely

5 alternatives to Tor to navigate safely

Network security is one of the aspects that most concerns all users when browsing the Internet. Tor is a web browser that has been designed with the aim of offering maximum user privacy, although it is not the only option we can find for this purpose. We present you 5 alternatives to Tor , which you can use if you want to browse the Internet in the most anonymous and secure way possible.



Yandex is the company behind the most popular search engine in Russia , and one of the most privacy-friendly browsers that we can use.

The Yandex web browser is responsible for preventing anyone from tracking our activity over the network, at the same time it includes a function that allows you to scan all downloaded files for viruses and malware in general.

Yandex includes very interesting features focused on protecting our privacy as a safeguard for wireless connections, and encryption of the volume of information transferred between HTTP sites and the network. It is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems.


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Disconnect is an extension that we can use if we want to protect our privacy while we are browsing. This technology stands out for offering a much higher speed than what we can achieve with Tor, of course all this without neglecting the privacy of the user through technologies to protect IP addressing and personal data.

Disconnect also includes some pretty cool technology, which makes it possible to stop websites that intend to access our private data . This makes it a great option for professionals and businesses.

It has a version that you can use for free, as well as a paid Pro version that offers higher performance, and some additional features focused on ensuring greater security on Wi-Fi networks.


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I2P is a tool for Windows and Mac, which is one of the best-known Tor alternatives worldwide. This browser is part of the project known as " Invisible Internet Project ", and is responsible for protecting our privacy through a data encryption system over the network.

It includes a technology known as Dark Net, which consists of an end-to-end multi-layer data encryption process that guarantees our privacy.

Comfortable Ice Dragon

5 alternatives to Tor to navigate safely 3

Comodo Ice Dragon is a security focused web browser that is based on the source code of the Mozilla Firefox project , which means that it uses the same technology as one of the most popular browsers, and of course it is compatible with all the extensions available for it. .

These characteristics make Comodo Ice Dragon one of the best alternative browsers that we can find on the market. This is due not only to the great privacy it offers its users, but also to all the excellent features it has inherited from Firefox.


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We finished our selection of alternative browsers to Tor to safely navigate with FreeNet. This web browser is fully compatible with OpenNet and DarkNet technologies , which are responsible for working together to ensure maximum privacy and security.

The absence of a central server on this platform makes it totally impossible to analyze the generated traffic . Another very interesting feature of FreeNet is end-to-end encryption, to prevent the location of its users from being found.