10 Spanish series that you can watch on Netflix


If you are a series lover, you will know that Netflix is ​​the perfect place to enjoy the best. The service, which works by subscription, includes different plans (Basic, Standard and Premium) with prices of 8, 10 and 12 euros per month, depending on whether we want to see content in Ultra HD quality and the number of devices that connect. With the basic plan, for example, you can connect one, but with the standard and premium you can enjoy the content on two or four screens, respectively. With all of them you can watch movies and series from your computer, phone, tablet or even televisionand you will have access to all the movies you want. You will have the option to cancel at any time and with all the modalities you will be able to enjoy a whole month of free trial.

And although you have series to watch produced anywhere in the world, on Netflix you will also find successful Spanish series. Proposals that, if you are a fan of national production, you cannot miss. Here are the 10 Spanish series that you can see on Netflix .

1. Great Hotel

Dramatic genre, Gran Hotel premiered on October 4, 2011 and its television campaign was divided into three seasons. Julio Olmedo (Yon González) will arrive at the Gran Hotel, located on the outskirts of Cataloa to visit his sister Cristina (Paula Prendes), in charge of the plant. There the brother will discover that no one has known anything about her for more than a month . Julio will stay to work as a waiter, in order to investigate his disappearance. Among the cast we find Amaia Salamanca, Adriana Ozores, Pedro Alonso, Concha Velasco and Marta Larralde.

2. The ship

It was a science fiction TV series in which it aired between 2011 and 2013. It combines drama, action and mystery, partly recovering the essence of another series that was broadcast by Antena 3 (and which is also on Netflix ): the intership. The story begins with the ship Polar Star setting sail with students aboard this school ship . After a mysterious storm caused by a particle accelerator, the crew will discover that the Earth no longer exists and that 99% of the surface is water. Her only way to stay alive is to stay on the ship. The series has the participation of Mario Casas, Blanca Suárez, Irene Montalá, Juanjo Artero and Belén Rueda, who were already incorporated in the last chapters.

3. Velvet

And we continue with another of the great successes of Antena 3: Velvet. The series, about to end, tells the story of the Velvet Galleries, a store located on the famous Gran Vía in Madrid where the wonderful love story of Ana Ribera (Paula Echevarría) and Alberto Márquez (Miguel í ngel) will take place. Wild). Both of them, she humble and he a rich heir, will be willing to defy the established norm to unleash their love. In addition to these young talents, Velvet has the participation of great consecrated actors such as José Sacristán, Natalia Millán, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Í ngela Molina .

4. Low Suspicion

Yon González, Blanca Romero and Lluís Homar are the protagonists of Under suspicion, a series that has been broadcast on Antena 3 and that is part of the suspense genre. It consists of two seasons, but in the first, the investigation of two infiltrated national police officers in the case of the disappearance of a ten-year-old girl is narrated . The little girl disappears on the day of her first communion without leaving a trace and her relatives are the main suspects. The protagonists, Víctor and Laura, will pose as a married couple who will have to launch the investigation  in the small town of Cienfuegos.

5. The time between seams

El tiempo entre costuras is a television series that was inspired by the novel by María Dueñas . This narrates the life of Sira Quiroga , a dressmaker who had to leave Madrid as soon as the Spanish Civil War began . Incarnated by Adriana Ugarte, Quiroga will open a haute couture workshop in Tetouan , a place where she will fall in love with a man and will be wrapped in a plot of action and suspense. Elvira Mínguez, Elena Irureta, Rubén Cortada and Raúl Arévalo also participate in the series .

6. Vis a vis

If you like prison dramas, Vis a vis you will love it. It is a prison drama broadcast on Atnena 3 since 2016 , in which Macarena (Maggie Civantos) is imprisoned for having committed several embezzlement crimes for being in love with her boss. In the Cruz del Sur prison, he will have to face the dangers of life in prison, in which he will run into a series of very dangerous inmates. Among the cast, in addition to Civantos, we also find Najwa Nimri, Carlos Hipólito, María Salgueiro, Berta Vázquez, Alba Flores and Inma Cuevas. 

7. The Ministry of time

The Ministry of Time has become one of the most successful series on RTVE . And the public and the critics agree on that. Directed by Pablo and Javier Olivares , the series is a curious journey through time, halfway between historical fiction and the fantasy genre. Great actors such as  Rodolfo Sancho, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Hugo Silva, Nacho Fresneda, Aura Garrido and  Juan Gea participate in it, some representing the most famous characters of all time. Two seasons have been broadcast, but the third is on the way… so for now you can enjoy the first chapters on Netflix .

8. í Red Eagle

And continuing with the history, the Red Eagle - which is now over - has become another of the great successes of Spanish Television. Now you have the seasons on Netflix, so you can follow the adventures of this intrepid hero of the Golden Age. The series, which has received countless awards and is already broadcast in dozens of countries, is set during the reign of Philip IV ( 1660) and narrates the vicissitudes of Gonzálo de Montalvo (David Janer), a teacher at the town's school and a masked hero. Among the cast we also find Inma Cuesta, Javier Gutiérrez, Miryam Gallego, Francis Lorenzo or the legendary Eusebio Poncela .

9. The Boarding School

It was another big teenage hit on Antena 3 . The same one that later ended up in El Barco and that in this case, tells the story of Marcos and Paula , two brothers whose parents disappeared on the high seas and who will now enter the Laguna Negra boarding school . It is right there where a whole series of strange events and macabre deaths will begin to happen, with countless curious stories, mutant animals, corpses, dark passages and even the appearance of Marcos and Paula's mother . Actors such as Martín Rivas, Carlota García, Luis Merlo, Natalia Millán, Marta Torné, Ana de Armas and Yon González participated in it .

10. Isabel

And we end with a historical series, which seems to be the favorite genre of our creators and of the Spanish audience. Elizabeth recreates the life of Queen Elizabeth II (Michelle Jenner) during three different seasons and different specials. In these his story is told from childhood, his marriage to Fernando VII (Rodolfo Sancho) and the complicated ascent to the kingdom of Castile . Topics as important as the conquest of Granada, the War of the Castilian Succession, the Inquisition or the expulsion of the Jews, until the death of the queen in 1504, are discussed.

Which of these is your favorite? We hope you enjoy them!