The 8 best technological advances that will arrive in 2015


The 2014 has been a very good year in terms of technological advances : we could see larger iPhones , TVs with curved screen and better  wearables . However, it seems that 2015 will be even better and the average Techradar has made a compilation with the best technologies to come in the next 365 days .

1. Battery improvements

One of the most important features of a device is its battery and autonomy that it can offer a user. Well, in  2015 not only could the hours that a terminal be on could increase, but there could also be an optimization in their weight (which would make the equipment lighter), or a higher loading speed.

In the latter case, Qnovo has developed a piece of software that  monitors and adjusts the constant flow of energy that enters our phone when we are charging it. In this way, it allows our device to charge earlier. It even  increases the useful life of an ordinary battery.

The company says this  reduces the charging time by up to 50 percent . In addition, they ensure that it  prolongs the life of the batteries, since it  does not receive an amount of energy greater than what they really need . These improvements are supposed to be implemented in 2015.


2. Galileo

By now, everyone is familiar with the Global Positioning System, better known as GPS . Well, as you already know, Europe has been developing its own location system , Galileo , which it plans to start to bear fruit in early 2015 , albeit to a limited extent.

Galileo is designed for multimodal users , in order to respond to the different needs of customers. Thanks to it, you will be able to obtain more precise information on time and positioning, among other benefits.


3. Virtual Reality

For many years we have been waiting for (and admiring) the virtues of virtual reality on wearable devices. As you may already know, although we do not have a specific date, the  Oculus Rift will go on sale in 2015 for an approximate price of 350 euros . In the same way, Google Glass is also supposed to be presented to the general public next year.


4. MacBook Air Retina

Apple could begin mass production of its new MacBook Air in the next few weeks , specifically in early 2015 . The reason would be that the new low-power Intel Broadwell processors would be available by then, but we will still have to wait to see if this information becomes a reality .


5. Smart clothing

Samsung assured that 2014 had been the year of wearables , and that we cannot deny. Anyway, in 2015 new smart watches with various improvements will be released. For starters, the Apple Watch is expected to go on  sale during the first months of the year. Likewise, we expect the big brands to show improvements in their portable devices . Among them, an optimization of autonomy, since there are many devices that can not last a day on.


6. Windows 10

Despite being released a few months ago, Windows 10 will not be available to the general public until spring 2015 . This version of Microsoft's operating system is expected to be a success. One of the keys to this new system will be the return of the start menu to the desktop . Of course, this new menu will include icons similar to those on the Windows 8 main screen .


7. New WiFi

WiFi speed  is something that is being investigated every week, always trying to obtain better results. Quantenna Communications is a company that is responsible for the development and manufacture of WiFi chips, so it is not strange that it announces different types of devices that serve to make our computers navigate faster. So much research has paid off, since they announced a few months ago that they were working on a MIMO 8í-8 chipset that will allow us to navigate at 10 Gbps and that it will be finished in 2015 .


8. Steam Machines

One of the hopes for the video game world in 2014 was the Steam Machines . Although they were presented in 2013 at the Las Vegas show , it seems that the company has decided to launch them on the market in 2015 .

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