Simple guide to send GIFs via WhatsApp

send GIF by WhatsApp

Hold on to your pants but: GIFs have arrived on WhatsApp . More or less. And it is that the most famous messaging application in the world already supports the use of these animations that have conquered the Internet and social networks. That is, you can share GIF files as moving images directly in chats and conversations. A whole tool to give dynamism, expressiveness and a lot of fun to WhatsApp . Here we explain how to easily use GIFs in WhatsApp step by step.

You have to understand that this feature of WhatsApp is still in the process of evolution. Thus, at the time of publication of this article, WhatsApp allows sharing GIFs that are already stored on the mobile. However, some leaks have shown that the people of WhatsApp are working on integrating GIF search engines directly into chats as other applications do: Telegram and Facebook Messenger . However, for now, you have to download the GIFs to be shared . We explain it to you in this simple guide.

1.- The first thing is to make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp that offers GIF support . At the moment it is something that is only available in the beta or test version of the Android platform . To get it, you have to register in the beta tester system of the Google Play Store . All you have to do is access the WhatsApp download page , scroll to the bottom of the screen, and sign up as a tester. After a few minutes, the page transforms to allow the download of the latest beta version or tests that not all users can access.

send a gif whatsapp

  • An interesting point is that, once received a GIF by WhatsApp , whether it be a user betatester or tester beta versions a normal or , you can share it from the conversation itself. You just have to forward it as if it were a normal message or photo , but knowing that any recipient will see it as an animation, since the support for GIFs is already in WhatsApp . A red arrow appears next to GIFs in iOS chats. In gray in the case of Android.

send gig whatsapp

2.- The second thing is to get a GIF . As we said, at the moment WhatsApp does not allow you to search for them through chat, so you have to use other resources. The most useful is the Giphy service , a web page that serves as a compilation and that stores all kinds of animations that are trending on the Internet, and with a most effective search engine. After finding the animation you want to share , you just have to download it . A long press on the content opens a context menu where there is the option Save image .

send gif whatsapp

3.- The third step is to share it. To do this, the user betatester WhatsApp on Android just open the menu and select the option to share Gallery . Here are three tabs to divide between photos, videos and GIFs . In the latter you will find all the GIFs of the terminal previously downloaded. It only remains to select one of them to send it through the chat you want. As simple as that.