Guide to Bluetooth FM transmitters for the car

Guide to Bluetooth FM transmitters for the car

The transmitters Bluetooth FM to the car allow the user to hear from the speakers of the car, all the music stored on your smartphone, a flash drive or a memory card. It is a very practical solution for those with a car that does not have Bluetooth in its sound system.

If your vehicle's audio system already has Android Auto with Bluetooth, you won't need to use these FM transmitters to stream your favorite music. There are still few cars with integrated Bluetooth, so we explain how to choose an FM transmitter suitable for your needs.

How Car FM Transmitters Work

These small devices take advantage of the FM frequencies available from your car radio , so that you can transmit all your music to the vehicle's speakers. You can connect your smartphone to the transmitter to send the files to play in a very simple way.

In addition, most models of Bluetooth FM transmitters for the car include a USB port , and a slot for memory cards, in order to increase their usability. Using an FM transmitter for the car is very simple, you just have to follow a couple of steps to benefit from these devices.

The energy they need to function is obtained from the car's cigarette lighter , so you must connect the FM transmitter there. Once connected to the cigarette lighter, connect the audio source, either the smartphone or a pendrive, and search from the car radio for the frequency that corresponds to the transmitter. With this you can now enjoy your music.

How to choose a Bluetooth FM transmitter for your car

Next, we explain the most important characteristics that you should look for in a Bluetooth FM transmitter for the car.

Smartphone connectivity

The first thing to consider is the technology with which the transmitter will connect to your smartphone. Most of the current models are based on the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol to be compatible with all smartphones.

Other models do not use Bluetooth, but instead connect to the smartphone via a USB cable . This has the advantage that it will not consume your phone's battery, in return you will have to deal with cable management. Finally, there are transmitters that connect to the mobile using a 3.5 mm jack cable. Just make sure your phone meets the standard.

Transmitter controls

The next thing to consider is how the transmitter is controlled. This should have large and very accessible buttons , so do not forget that you will be behind the wheel and you will not want distractions. It is interesting that the transmitter you choose integrates the hands-free function, as it will help you to answer incoming calls safely and comfortably.

Buying a transmitter with a screen is also highly recommended . This way you can quickly see the song that is playing, it sure helps you to have fewer distractions behind the wheel.

Other functions

It is interesting that the transmitter allows you to play files from different sources and not only from the smartphone . As we have mentioned before, many models allow you to connect a pendrive or a memory card. If it has a USB port, it is quite possible that it will also allow you to use it to charge your smartphone's battery. Look for these features in your new model.

Recommended Bluetooth FM transmitters

We have selected the four models that we found most interesting .

VicTsing PCA004B-VES

VicTsing PCA004B-VES FM Transmitter 1

This model has Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with a range of 10 meters , ideal for use with our smartphone without having any mess of cables. You just have to pair your mobile the first time, and then it will connect automatically. Nor does it lack the hands-free functionality, so important at the wheel.

It also allows you to insert a microSD memory card of up to 32 GB , more than enough to have all your favorite songs. It can play audio in FLAC, WAV, MP3 and WMA formats. Finally, its 1.44-inch screen makes it easier to manage. A bargain for 18 euros.


Comson T19

Comson T19 FM Transmitter

Another model of Bluetooth FM transmitter for the car with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, microSD card slot and two USB ports . It also offers hands-free, and buttons to change the song and music mode. Its microphone features CVC noise cancellation technology to facilitate conversations.

An advantage of this model is that it offers two USB ports, one of them with charging capacity with an intensity of 2.1A . The other port will be the one you can use to connect the device to your phone. For 25 euros it is difficult to ask for more.

Bovon T24

Bovon T24 FM transmitter

This car FM transmitter is ideal for users who want extensive connectivity options. You can play your music from a memory card up to 32 GB, a USB pendrive or from your mobile via Bluetooth . It supports MP3 and WMA formats to offer you great sound quality.

It also has a hands-free and a microphone with CVC technology to cancel out ambient noise, so it doesn't bother you in your conversations. Finally, its two USB ports offer charging capacity at intensities of 2.4A and 1A, so you can use the one that best suits your device. It is very economical with a price of 16 euros.

CHGeek CH13

CHGeek CH13 FM transmitter

A fourth model of FM transmitter for the car that combines the same basic characteristics that we have seen in the previous ones. Among them the hands-free, a 3.5 mm analog connection, and a slot compatible with microSD cards of up to 32 GB.

Like the VicTsing PCA004B-VES, it has a screen for ease of use , in this case with a size of 1.7 inches, and LCD technology. An important feature is that it includes the advanced Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, which will allow you to charge your smartphone much faster, with a current intensity of up to 2.4A. It also offers a standard charging port for devices not compatible with Quick Charge 3.0. its price is 30 euros.

So far our guide to Bluetooth FM transmitters for the car, hopefully it will help you buy the right one.