PDF to ePUB: 5 Pages to Convert Online Books in 2020

PDF to ePUB: 5 Pages to Convert Online Books in 2020

The debate that arose between lovers and detractors of the digital book has long since passed away. Now, whoever wants to can read their books on an electronic device and whoever doesn't, still has the smell and texture of paper. Both formats are equally valid. The important thing, as always, is to read. Although, well ... maybe there are books that don't even deserve to be read.

But that is not the issue at hand. We have come knocking on your door today to tell you which pages are the best to convert online books in 2020. Each e-book can have its own file extension. It can be PDF, MOBI and, ePub… and each device can prefer one or the other. For example, in an Amazon Kindle it is better to use books in MOBI format since the most used by the rest of electronic books, ePub, is not compatible.

And what happens if we have a book in MOBI or PDF and we want to have it in ePub? Or vice versa? Well, we will have to use a tool to facilitate the process. We have tried to make all the tools available on this list free and easy to use.

Online Convert

This page is a true Swiss Army knife for converting all types of files, not just ePub, PDF and more. It also works in a very simple way, all you have to do is drop the file on the page and, automatically, it will convert it into ePUB to be able to read it in any electronic book. In this link you can choose what type of file you want to convert your digital book into. All from the same page.



A page with an intuitive interface and a little more modern than in the previous case. The procedure to convert your e-book is similar, all you have to do is drop the file and then choose the type of file you want your book in. It's that easy and simple… and free.

To ePub

You can convert PDF files and other documents into a wide variety of digital formats including AZW3, ePub, MOBI, etc. On the same presentation screen, you have a bar made up of boxes. Each box is a different type of extension. You must choose the type of file in which you want to convert your e-book and upload it using the 'Upload' button. Then let the tool do its job and you're done.



Thanks to this tool you will not only be able to convert your electronic books to the format you want. You can also convert video, text documents, audio ... In the 'Formats' tab you can take a look at the large number of possibilities offered by this totally free and very easy-to-use tool. Of course, it does not allow you to convert batches of files, you must do it one by one. To make the tool work, you just have to drop the file you want to convert, choose the extension you want to convert it to and click, finally, on 'Convert Now'.

PDF to ePUB: 5 Pages to Convert Online Books in 2020 2


We finish the tour of online tools to convert digital books with 'Aconvert'. It is one of the tools that supports more formats so, if the previous ones have fallen short, try this one. It supports countless input and output formats. You can add the files from your computer or from cloud storage. You must choose the place of origin of the file, choose the file, the output format and click on 'Convert Now'