Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Energy Sistem Pro 4, which ebook do I buy?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite or Energy Sistem Pro 4, which ebook do I buy?

You know that when you give up paper you lose some internalized sensations like the touch or smell of books. Something that those who are passionate about reading are not willing to sacrifice. However, those who prefer to do without carrying several books or think about the sustainability of the planet have a great ally in electronic books or eBooks, which have their own virtues. At we have tested both the Amazon Kindle and the Energy Sistem Ereader Pro 4 . Both are 6-inch screen ebooks with a price of 130 euros and many possibilities .

Design and sensations

We start with similarities. And it is that the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and the Energy Sistem EReader Pro 4 have opted for a very comfortable rubber contour . The touch is soft, and allows them not to slip easily from any surface. Of course, it is not a very clean rubber and it tends to get dirty and mark scratches and scratches. Even when she treated them with care.

design and sensations

They are similar in size, and both have a 6-inch screen . The Amazon ebook is a few millimeters more in size (169 x 117 x 9.1) and a few grams more in weight (205 grams). Its finishes have rounded corners and gives a higher quality feel in the hand. But this is only noticeable when you have the Energy EReader Pro4 in your other hand. The Amazon one, in addition, only has a button, an LED indicator and the microUSB charging port on the bottom of its body. It is simple and straightforward, depending mostly on the screen to move through its menus or between the pages of the book.

For its part, the Energy Sistem reader has a figure with more sharp edges and corners (163 x 116 x 8 mm), but it is just as comfortable to use, even a little lighter (160 grams). It also stands out for having a few more buttons than the Amazon ebook: you can turn the page with the physical buttons on the left or right of its body. Useful for left and right handed. There is also a start button on the bottom front of the device, and the off and on button on the base. It also has an LED indicator, MicroUSB file transmission and charging port and an SD card slot. It is, therefore, more complete and depends less on the touch screen than the Amazon reader.

Energy system

The negative point, in this aspect, is for both. Finishes get dirty and scratched too easily. And, being a rubbery surface, it is not as easy to clean as running the shirt over them. They are not suitable for greasy fingers ...

Screens just as big, but not as responsive

Both screens are 6-inch in size and e-ink. That is, reading on them does not tire the eyes since they form the image without backlighting. They do not emit light of any kind (if not activated) and do not strain the eyes or project blue light on the user. This technology enables black and white images to be displayed on flexible flat screens with enviable energy efficiency. Technically there are no differences in resolution or size, but there are in the experience of use and finishes.

two equal screens

Its finish is matte and they reflect little light so that reading is comfortable. Of course, we are left with the sensations of Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite. The texture of the screen is rough , and it reminds us slightly of the touch of paper, saving a lot of differences, of course. In addition, its response is somewhat more agile and the reflections look more blurred. But it is its sensitivity, which recognizes without any doubt each keystroke, what we liked the most.

Not that the Energy Sistem eReader Pro 4 reader requires harder keystrokes, but after a couple of days of use one realizes these details. In addition, it can sometimes fail on the buttons located in the corners of the panel . Reading is comfortable and the pages can be turned with the physical buttons. What does differ is the smooth touch of the panel.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Now, these devices have backlit screens . That is, their screens have light that can be turned on if we stay in the dark. Thus, we can use them as a normal book, without tiring our eyes while there is ambient light, and turn on the backlight when we cannot read. And the good thing is that it is adjustable in both cases . You just have to access this function and choose the level of light we need to see the letters or images clearly at all times. Enough to ensure reading in twilight or even in bright light. Of course, reading is still more comfortable with the light indicator at zero.

And it is that reading in the dark with light that ends up hitting us directly in the face breaks with the main idea of ​​these electronic ink books: to read comfortably as if it were an analog book. Keep in mind that the use of the backlight affects the battery , so the more it is used, the more the percentage of it will drop. Of course, speaking of electronic books, energy efficiency and autonomy are not notable problems.

backlit display

Use experience

This is where we find the main differences. And where we will be inclined towards the purchase of one or another device. Basically the operation is the same in both. They even share mechanics to move through their interfaces and control the page turn. Thanks to the touch screens we only have to click on the book or the shift icon to access it, or navigate through the different toolbars. Within the book we can turn the page in both cases with a simple press on the left or right part of the screen, whether we want to go back or forward. We can also slide our finger to achieve the same result. We can even mark specific words and phrases by long pressing. Almost the same as on any touchscreen computer or tablet.

user experience

Now, while the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is devilishly fast to turn on, the Energy Sistem eReader Pro4 requires almost half a minute to do so. At least at the first start after several hours off. The Energy Sistem device is also somewhat slower when changing the page, although the difference is minimal in this case. In addition, as we said, we have appreciated that the screen of the Kindle responds in a lighter and more sensitive way than that of the Energy, especially when we click on the corners of the screen.

Of course, the use of the start button of the Energy Sistem tablet seems to us a success to move quickly to the beginning. In the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite you have to learn to press the top of the screen to make the section bar appear. Here are all its functions always available, in an orderly and comfortable way, but you have to learn to use it. And, when you do not have a start button in full reading, there are times when we have felt a bit lost.

Amazon Gooddreads

However, the sensations of the Energy Sistem eReader Pro 4 are those of an Android smart phone, and it is that it carries this operating system inside. Something that, today, eliminates barriers for new users who already know how these mobiles work. Basically we have the home button on the lower front that takes us, from anywhere, to the home screen. Here we always have a lower bar to move through basic sections such as applications, settings, books and others. There are even buttons that remind you of the backspace on Android phones. So it is easier to internalize this way of handling it if you have had some kind of experience with Android phones.

On the other hand, we liked that, in both cases, we can mark words in the text to underline ideas, search for translations if we read in another language or even search for references in Wikipedia on the Internet . We can even copy and paste text. The interface is comfortable in both cases and thanks to different tables we can see translations and related texts or definitions. Of course, the more sensitive screen of the Kindle makes this practice more accurate and comfortable. But it is also available from the Energy Sistem. In addition, you have to be patient for some of these functions, and that is because searching for a term in Wikipedia, for example, despite having high Internet speed, requires some time.


And if it is the battery that worries you, you should know that both devices have an average autonomy of about six weeks. Most likely, a load will offer a use of one month , always depending on the use of the Internet and the backlight that is done.

Freedom vs. Amazon Kindle

The biggest difference is in the interface. The Kindle Paperwhite is limited to Amazon services to buy new books. It has the GoodReads recommendations section to find interesting suggestions. But there is no legal and simple way to upload books that we have already purchased, in pdf or epub format . Therefore, it is a reader intended only to read original books. Of course, it has some extra function like an experimental Internet browser. But we do not recommend using it: it is slow and exasperating.

Freedom vs Amazon Kindl

On the other hand, the possibilities of the Energy Sistem EReader Pro4 are much more extensive. Almost as many as an old Android mobile. By having version 4.1. from this operating system we have access to the Goole Play Store applications store . Here we can download tools like YouTube, which makes no sense on this device. But there are others to read books, watch comics, etc. It also has a file explorer to view any book that we have entered through the microSD card or through the USB cable. That is, we have options to include all types of PDF and epubsthat we already have on hand. There is even the possibility of accessing email or Google Drive, where you can see books saved in the cloud. We can also surf the Internet in a somewhat more comfortable way than on the Kindle, although always testing our patience. And, if we want to buy books, the Nubico service comes pre-installed as one more application to search in your gallery. Of course, browsing the applications is a slow experience. Very similar to mobile phones, but as if we were traveling back in time in terms of speed and comfort.

micro USB port

Which one do I buy?

Here it depends on what you need from an e-book reader . If you like a good physical finish, with a somewhat rough screen and a service that works well, is fast and allows you to buy the book you want without worrying about more, choose the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It is available for 130 euros.

Which one did I buy

On the other hand, if what you want is a reader with certain freedoms to introduce your own books and files , as well as vitamin it with reading applications of your liking, the Energy Sistem Pro 4 allows it. It is slower and its screen is not as responsive, but it has a much more familiar and recognizable interface for anyone who uses a Smartphone. Its price is also 130 euros.