10 stores to buy alternative and designer clothes

10 stores to buy alternative and designer clothes

In the age of online shopping, almost all of us are aware that there are large clothing chain stores that allow us to make our purchases without even going through a physical establishment. Returns are agile and the facilities when ordering, even more so.

But what if we want to dress differently from others? In that case, designers are not late. You can find countless online stores where you can order alternative and designer clothing . Charming pieces that are harder to find in physical stores, but that you can have at home in a matter of hours or days.

Here we present 10 delicious stores to buy alternative and designer clothes online.

silly choses


BOBO CHOSES is one of our favorite stores. They have cool, designer and good quality clothes for women, men and children. In the online store you will find a selection of clothes , very beautiful, so you can get a little of everything: dresses, pants, t-shirts, bags and even bathing suits.

We like it a lot, because although the price of the garments is somewhat high, we can find a collection inspired by Jane Goodall, which includes very, very cool skirts and t-shirts . In addition, everything is designed and manufactured in Spain.


2. Skunkfunk

Of the alternative clothing brands, Skunkfunk is probably one of the best known. Despite this, the brand, which was born in 1997 in the Basque Country, is present in a total of 38 countries. They work with ecological fabrics and offer absolutely original designs, both in clothing and accessories.

Thus, if you like design and bet on quality (you will undoubtedly find it here), you have an online store full of news . You can even access the Outlet section, where you will find discounted garments from other seasons.


3. Tiralahilacha

Looking for another organic clothing store? Well, here you have Tiralahilacha, a very nice store, where you will find interesting designs and quality organic fabrics. The selection of garments is not very extensive , but you have to understand it. It is a small design house, where we can find almost exclusive models.

You also have an Outlet section, where you can find some offers of models from other seasons. Another interesting detail: the store includes a section for babies and children, great for special occasions. Although the truth is that at certain times you can find more than interesting discounts .


4. Left-handed

Are you looking for beautiful and exclusive t-shirts? Well, you can take a walk around Zurda's attic, an online store to buy t-shirts and sweatshirts. Many of the clothes you can buy here have a message, so if you are the type of person who loves shirts that say things, you may like this. In addition, the store has an outlet section to get the same clothes, but with a discount .

ofset collage

5. Ofset Collage

Ofset Collage is another one of those stores that you will love if you lose your cool clothes. Here are clothes for men, women and children, so you can dress practically the whole family with t-shirts, dresses and in general, very cool clothes. You can also find accessories , such as bags and tote bags. Most shirts and dresses have a message, so if you want to say something with your clothes, with Ofset Collage clothes you will also get it.


6. XiroEco

If you like fashion, but you are also concerned about the environment, we recommend you take a look at the XiroEco catalog. This fashion firm bases its business on sustainable production . On the one hand, they use organic cotton for all their garments, which is good news to begin with. On the other hand, they are based on local clothing, in workshops here. Finally, it should be noted that they satisfactorily comply with the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

The clothes you will find here are simple : many jeans and T-shirts with minimalist designs, light and basic colors. A delight for those who love to be discreet and at the same time want to consume responsible clothing.

Counting Clouds

7. Counting Clouds

Its own brand name indicates it. Counting Clouds is clothing for dreamers. The store, and the brand in general, is aimed at girls, boys and women, so here you will only find clothes for them. You will love it if you are a lover of Nordic designs, pastel colors and stripes .

There are also some clothes that look like something out of a romance novel, with lots of bows and ruffles, but with a touch of simplicity that fits with everything. If you also melt for accessories, in this store you will also find it difficult to resist. There are lovely handbags and scarves . And a section with discounts, in case you want to take advantage of the moment!


8. Ecoology

We are now going to another store that sells exclusively organic clothing. It's about Ecoology. There is not a huge variety of products, but in the catalog we find a selection of everything. Thus, you will see that there are dresses, T-shirts and shirts, jackets, skirts and pants. 

There is also a very interesting section for eco lingerie, tops and shirts and a specific section for men's clothing. If you want to buy here but the price of the garments does not fit your pocket , perhaps you can go to the Special Prices section, because here a selection of the same type of clothing is included, but with very interesting discounts.


9. Titamine

Titamina is the store that we would recommend to lovers of design and illustration. Because it includes a selection of garments - in principle only T-shirts and sweatshirts - for both men and women, on which very beautiful illustrations have been printed and even with a poetic touch.

Thus, you can get a sweatshirt that they have dubbed "The Colloquy of the Dogs" or "Clueless", with charming and alternative drawings. They do not have a specific section for offers, but you will find some random discounts. 


10. LötieKids

And we end up with a very special store that exclusively sells children's clothing. They are LötieKids, some manufacturers from Barcelona that sell all over the world, but of course they also ship to Spain. The clothes are simply gorgeous: with minimalist designs and jaw-dropping illustrations .

You can find bags, swimwear and accessories, sweatshirts, jackets, fine shirts and dresses, all in soft colors, combined with drawings in black with a touch of the most alternative .