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Veo Partidos, better known as or Veopartidos simply, has been closed after violating the Intellectual Property Law as regards broadcasting rights. The first signs that the website had been closed began in early August, and the truth is that today Veopartidos does not work . Fortunately, there are many alternatives to this to watch football matches online, and this time we have compiled several of them.

As we usually warn in these cases, the nature of this and other similar entries is nothing more than to inform the readers . At no time do we encourage the viewing of content protected by broadcast and image rights.


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A page very similar to the extinct RojaDirecta. In fact, its appearance is practically traced to that of the latter , and the content offered by the website does not differ at all from that of the aforementioned website.

Live football matches from the Spanish league and from other Latin American countries such as Chile, Mexico or Argentina. Also from the Champions League, the Copa América and, ultimately, the vast majority of live football competitions.

It is recommended, of course, to be careful when clicking on certain download buttons and links , as they will often lead us to advertising sites or programs with malware inside.

Red card

The natural heir to Roja Directa. Although the website does not come from the same creators as the famous online soccer platform, they bear an enormous resemblance to the defunct portal.

Same interface and same number of games and leagues. It also has tennis, basketball, American football and many other sports that can be followed live on the Internet.

Like Intergoles, it is recommended to be careful when clicking on certain links , at the risk of being infected by third-party software.


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It is not a typical website, but an application compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, macOS and Linux whose options allow us to add a multitude of sports channels.

Its operation is very simple: we will only have to add the channels from the Kodi libraries and external sources and the application will automatically show us the broadcast of the channel live . Without advertising, without cuts and in HD and Full HD quality. You can learn more about Kodi in the article that we just linked.


Application that drinks from the same Kodi philosophy. By itself, Wiseplay does not allow the broadcasting of copyrighted content. For this we will have to resort to IPTV lists to download private channels for football and other sports.


The good thing about the application is that the quality of the broadcast is usually much higher than that of streaming content websites . Nor will we have to endure annoying ads or pages of dubious origin.

Direct red

Who said that Roja Directa had disappeared from the face of the Internet ... He was not partying, he was partying.

The queen of the web pages to watch soccer in Spanish has returned, although in the hands of a different domain and probably different creators . The important thing here is that the platform maintains the same aesthetics, the same operation and the same links as the original website, although as in the rest of the alternatives to Veo Matches, we will have to be careful not to click on an inappropriate site.

See League

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Unlike the rest of the alternatives to, VerLiga does not offer direct broadcasting of football matches online, but rather to the channels that broadcast the match in question .

TNT Sports, Movistar Partidazo, FOX Sport, Bein Sports, EuroSport, TDP and countless channels. It also has Spanish DTT channels, such as La 1, La 2, La Sexta, Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro, MTV and many other channels.


Recently created page that imitates the operation of VerLiga, since it does not have direct links to the broadcast of the league's matches, but to the channels that broadcast said competition .

In addition to having free-to-air DTT channels, such as Antena 3, Intereconomía, 13 TV, FDF, Neox and Nova, among others, it has links to pay channels such as Bein Sports, ESPN +, Gol TV, Fox Sports 2 and Univision Sports . Other channels not necessarily linked to sports are also present on RapiFutbol: FOX, H History, TNT. Cinecanal, Max Up ...

Limbo TV channels

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Since the disappearance of the original page, a multitude of alternatives to these with the same name have emerged. In this case, Canales Limbo TV is a simple blog hosted on that offers a multitude of live channels .

Like VerLiga, it does not have direct broadcast of football matches. Failing that, it has several of the main sports channels, such as El Partidazo de Movistar, Movistar Liga, ESPN or Fox Sports, as well as FOX, HBO Live and many other film, series and television channels in general.


Forced to change domain on many occasions due to web blocks in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, Batman Stream is one of the most complete pages to watch football online .

Not only football, but also cricket, ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, cycling and many other competitive sports that are subject to broadcast. The strong point of Batman Stream is that it has streaming sports from all countries in the world , including Spain and countries in South America, such as Argentina, Chile or Peru.


As the name suggests, it is an online football page oriented to Argentine league matches . The good news is that it also has links from other leagues in South America, as well as from other European countries, such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

It is not far from other pages with similar content. Perhaps the strong point of the web has to do with the amount of links it offers: more than 200 coming from different parties at the time of writing these lines.

Tiki Taka's house

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Probably one of the best pages to watch the Santander League online. In addition to having the vast majority of matches in the Spanish league, it has a multitude of competitions that go beyond Spanish football.

Tennis, NFL, golf ... Like most alternatives to VeoPartidos, it contains live broadcasts of the main leagues in the world. French League, Argentine Super League, Eagle League and a long etcetera.


Platform very similar to Veopartidos, with the difference that it offers various sports ranging from tennis to basketball, through rugby and American football. Also  Hockey, Moto GP, boxing, wrestling and handball .

Like Red Card and La casa del Tiki Taka, it has several links for the same game ; ideal if any of the retransmissions offered by the web suffers continuous delays or cuts.

Pirlo TV

Another copy of Roja Directa that, like most alternatives to Veopartidos, perfectly imitates the interface of the queen of the pages to watch live football.

By focusing all its content on football, we will not find other sports such as tennis or basketball. The good news is that Pirlo TV offers direct broadcasting to a multitude of sports channels such as those mentioned above. ESPN 3, Fox Sport, Bein Sports, Canal + Liga, Golperu ...  In short, the most important sports channels today.


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Owned by the same creators as La casa del Tiki Taka, EliteGol is a page nailed to its sister: same interface, same matches and same amount of links to football matches.

The reason for its existence is explained by the constant drops that its sister page suffers. EliteGol comes as the alternative to La casa del Tiki Taka when the latter does not work or is down.


One more alternative to Veopartidos that comes with the same interface and possibilities as the rest of the pages to watch Santander League football live .

In addition to football, it has links to a multitude of sports such as basketball or tennis. Perhaps its strong point compared to the rest of the websites is its integrated chat , thanks to which we can share opinions with other users of the party that are debuting or that are going to debut. Its main function, however, is to share alternative links to the broadcasts that the web offers to watch the matches without cuts and at full resolution (HD, Full HD…).

Live TV

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It is probably the largest platform to watch all kinds of live sports without cuts. Football, cycling, basketball, tennis, golf, table tennis, Formula 1, Moto GP and, in short, endless competitions that escape traditional football.

The great advantage of Live TV is that it barely has advertising, and the links to which it refers are found on Twitter, from where it will take us to an external page to prevent the website from falling due to a high number of traffic.


Another alternative to Veo Matidos whose content has been growing depending on the sport that we want to see live. Hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, American football ...

The advantage of Sport365 with respect to the rest of the pages is that it classifies the matches depending on the language of the transmission (English, Spanish, French ...) and the quality of it , in such a way that we can choose the type of broadcast before even accessing the link of the web that contains it.

Network stream

We arrive at the last alternative to VeoPartidos with Network Stream, a platform that traces the philosophy of Live TV by publishing content from countless sports and competitions. The difference with respect to the latter is that it links the content directly without going through Twitter or intermediaries .

Its loading speed, yes, leaves a lot to be desired, as does the number of links to encounters.