Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights on Google Flights

best google flights tricks

Google Flights, Google Flights in Spanish, is one of the best tools, if not the best, to find good cheap. Like the rest of the flight comparator applications such as KAYAK or Skyscanner, Google Flights has countless options that allow us to find cheap air tickets. Its main advantage over the previous ones is that Google Flights gives priority to all those flights that are below 50 euros , in addition to showing us the cheapest routes when establishing a trip in the search engine. Do you want to know all the secrets of Google Flights? Take a look at our compilation with the best Google Flights tricks .

Let Google choose the flight dates

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 1

The best way to save a few euros when looking for flights is to let Google choose for us both the outward and return dates of the destination where we want to travel.

Since Google always prioritizes flights below 50 euros, the tool will try to find the cheapest date range during the months we have selected.

Or choose the dates with the prices in green

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 2

If our holiday period is limited, we can choose to choose the round trip dates ourselves… As long as we select the days whose prices are in green .

As we can see in the screenshot above, Google indicates the cheapest days of the week in green, with price differences that can even reach 50 euros in destinations such as Amsterdam or Paris.

Use the Google Flights price history

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 3

In the event that we have not yet planned a specific round-trip date, we can use the Google Flights price history to observe the months and weeks where the price of the plane ticket falls in the selected destinations .

We are talking about differences between weeks and months that can reach 200 euros if we opt for flights in months outside of the holiday period in high season. New York, Boston, Beijing and Tokyo are good examples of this.

Take a look at the Google Flights map

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 4

If we do not have a fixed destination and our budget is not very extensive, we can always take a look at the Google Flights map to see in a fairly visual way the cheapest destinations in the world .

Tokyo for 464 euros, Dubai for 329 euros, Warsaw for 66 euros or even Boston for 250 euros. We can also opt for cheaper destinations such as Lisbon, Paris, Rome and other cities that are within the European Union.

Follow Google Flights suggestions

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 5

Are we still not clear about the destination to choose? The Google Flights home page is a good guide to finding cheap flights to any destination in Europe and the rest of the world.

Ibiza for 78 euros or Amsterdam for 222. Everything within reach of a simple click.

Make a stopover or select another airport in the same country or city

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 6

Sometimes the price difference between airports in the same country and even in the same city can be abysmal . To this are added the flights with stops in other countries, with prices significantly lower than direct flights.

To save a few euros when choosing a certain destination, it is best to alternate between airports to see the final price of the flight as long as they are not far from our original destination, since the price of transport may not cover the difference price between flights.

And if you can't find cheap prices, keep track

Google Flights, 10 tricks to find cheap flights with Google Flights 7

Have we not been able to find a flight to New York for less than 400 euros? Google Flights has a tool that allows us to track the price of flights to destinations that we have previously configured.

As if this were not enough, the tool in question has the possibility of activating email alerts to receive messages via email with the price reductions for airline tickets.

Search for flights on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 6 p.m.

Although it is not a Google Flights hack as such, it is an unwritten law of all flights and travel by land (bus and train).

As a general rule, the price of tickets for a flight to a certain destination tends to drop on Tuesdays and Thursdays , with differences that can sometimes result in great savings.

Another unwritten rule for finding cheap airline tickets has to do with the flight schedule. Generally, the price of any plane ticket is usually lower from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., as long as we make sure that we can find a transport from the airport to the city and vice versa (unless we want to overnight at the airport).

And if possible, during the month of May

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Statistically May is the cheapest month to travel , although this depends both on the country where we are going to travel and on the high season period of the country in question. In contrast, July, August, December and January are the most expensive months to travel .

The best way to check that the cheapest season of the year in the country where we want to travel is to use the Google Flights price history mentioned above.

Do you fly accompanied? You buy the tickets

google flights tricks

As it is a merely informative tool, the price shown by Google Flights is subject to change once we have accessed the airline's website.

In the case of traveling accompanied, this price change can be even more sudden if our companion, in case of traveling with a company, buys a plane ticket several minutes before. The best way to avoid last minute scares is to buy tickets through a single session .

We can also choose to access the payment gateway all at the same time to make the ticket reservation and remain attentive to the surcharges that the company will try to add to the flight for luggage.