The 10 programming languages ​​with the most future in 2020

Today computers have entered almost every industry. Be it the autopilot of an airplane or the digital speedometer of a bicycle, computers in their various forms surround us. Therefore, one of the most important skills to learn in today's world is knowing how to write a computer program. Every beginner asks what language should I learn? We offer you a list of the best programming languages that can be learned in 2020.

1. Python


Python is the fastest growing programming language , and one of the most important among its competitors. The best thing about Python programming is that being a high-level language it is easy to learn. It is the most demanded language in the market, and it is called the programming language for beginners, since in addition to being an open source language, it is easy to understand and understand.

The Python language has a very wide application , it can be seen in web development and desktop applications, network servers, GUI-based desktop applications, in enterprises and businesses and in data science.

Some of the big companies that use Python language are Instagram, Spotify, Amazon, and Facebook.

2. R


Designed by Robert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka at the University of Auckland in 1992. R is a comprehensive statistical analysis language , which encourages the developer to develop new ideas. R is open source software, which works on GNU / Linux and Microsoft Windows. Compared to Python, R is harder to learn.

The R programming language has applications in the fields of data science, statistical computing, and machine learning . Some of the major IT companies, such as Capgemini, Cognizant, and Accenture have included R in their businesses.

3. Javascript


Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for Front End development, and it is becoming increasingly relevant for Back End development . Javascript assists the developer in building a highly interactive website. It is widely applied in video game development, web and mobile development, and desktop applications.

The companies that use Javascript as a programming language are Microsoft, PayPal, Groupon and Google.

4. Java


Java is the most demanding programming language, which is seen by its wide use around the world. It is famous for providing most of the jobs in the programming field , which is the main reason behind its growing popularity in the developer community.

The best feature of the Java programming language is that it is a robust, platform-independent, and secure open source language . Since its inception, Java has been applied in numerous fields, some of which are scientific applications, banking and financial services, web and mobile development, and desktop development.

5. PHP


The PHP programming language was developed for the purpose of maintaining a personal web page, but according to statistics, it currently works on more than 23% of the websites worldwide.

The PHP language is mainly used to create dynamic and static websites . WordPress, the leading web content management platform today, runs on PHP. This gives us an idea of ​​the great future that awaits this language.


C #

C # is an object-oriented, easy-to-learn programming language. In addition, it is fast, safe and has a multitude of libraries that make it a great tool. It is fully combined with .NET, and has high and easy integration with Windows software. The C # language can be applied in the creation of virtual reality video games, Windows 10 applications, and in the development of video games for consoles and PC .

7. C ++

C ++ 2

C ++ is considered one of the most efficient and flexible programming languages ​​to use. It has created a demand that has never waned in the market, due to its high performance and reliability . It also supports OOPS and has a multitude of libraries. The application of C ++ can be seen in the development of games, web and mobile solutions, desktop applications and embedded systems.



Developed in early 2000, SCALA was designed to solve the problem we are facing in Java. SCALA is known to support functional and object-oriented programming, which can be statically written, compiled into Java bytecode, and can be run in the Java virtual machine .

SCALA has a wide implementation in the fields of web development, data analysis and data flow. Some of the main companies that implement SCALA in their businesses are the New York Times and



SWIFT is a compiled, open source, general-purpose programming language developed by Apple. Therefore, if you love using iOS applications and want to develop native applications for iOS or Mac , SWIFT is the right language for you.

It is influenced by Python, which makes it fast, safe, easy to read, and most importantly, easy to learn. The SWIFT language is applied for application development and Apple software development. The SWIFT programming language has found acceptance with companies such as Slack, Apple, and 9GAG.



KOTLIN was originally developed by JetBrains and is fully operable with Java . Being a newly created programming language, KOTLIN has found use in some large companies, such as Coursera, Uber, Pinterest, and Post Mates.

These are the 10 programming languages ​​with the most future this year 2020. Have you had any experience with any of them? If so, you can leave a comment to help the rest of our readers. Remember that you can share this post to help more users who need it.